Post-partum recovery guide

Post-partum recovery guide

The time after birth is a shaky one even in the best of conditions as you've lost a lot of blood, lost a major hormone-producing organ (the placenta), lost your bodily autonomy to breastfeeding while gaining a sweet but sleep-ruining newborn.

  • Nap with your baby.

    Sleep helps you heal so share newborn naps as you need them because the nights aren't going to be very kind to you. Lucky for you, newborns sleep for 16 - 18 hours a day

  • Get support

    Have others cook and clean for the first week. If possible, recruit your partner or family to watch your little one in the morning when baby's most alert and cheerful while you to catch up on the lost sleep from the night before.

  • Cultivate a sleepy environment at night

    Get them on a night schedule and stick to it: dim the lights, TV off, whisper gently to them and have others speak quietly to promote their brain's acceptance of night = sleep and day = waking + napping.

  • Eat a healthy pure diet as if you're still pregnant

    To promote postpartum healing, battle depression, guarantee your milk supply, and begin setting a good example for your child, keep eating lots of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and unprocessed meats. Get loads of vitamin C to help you heal!

  • Pick up the pace gradually.

    After your first few days of bed-rest and relaxation, gets some fresh air by taking small walks in the sunshine. This'll improve your circulation and promote healing.

  • Listen to your body

    Don't over-do work-outs, your body is still recovering and your joints will remain extra-flexible for the next three months, which makes you more prone to hip injuries.


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