Why nutrition is so important

Why nutrition is so important

We all know the saying, “you are what you eat” but this becomes profound while pregnant. As the guardians of your unborn child’s life, choosing a healthy diet is your single most powerful act of motherly love.

The basic truth is: your diet and life-style directly impacts the growth and development of your unborn child with long-term consequences for their health outside the womb as well.

The vast majority of "food" purchased at fast-food restaurants and lining the non-refrigerated shelves of our local grocery store are nothing more than empty greasy, salty, and/or sugary calories with virtually no nutritional value. They are mere food-products not actual food which nourishes and strengthens us as living foods do.

Let's be honest, as tasty as junk food and fast food can be (especially if you're addicted to it), it does nothing for you or your baby’s health in the womb and when consumed chronically carries serious health consequences for both of you.

Virtually all food products contain a vast array of complex manufactured chemicals to enhance flavor, preserve it or give it a more desirable texture - chemicals that remain in our body, wreaking havoc on our organs, metabolism, hormonal balances -- basically, ruining our physical health over time.

What’s more, many of these food products can exacerbate the negative pregnancy conditions many Western women experience, such as nausea, heartburn, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

The long-term impact of chronic consumption of these food products on our physical health after pregnancy is even more dire: leading to diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, depression and a myriad of related disorders that play out in the theater of our body as fueled by the contents of our stomach.

If you thought pregnancy was a time to indulge your appetites, you're on the right track but barking up the wrong tree....

Pregnancy is a time to "indulge" your biological machine by exclusively eating top-grade vitamin-n-nutrient rich, bio-available fuel in the form of fresh produce, unprocessed fresh meat, raw nuts, eggs, and dairy. Add to the indulgence of your pregnant machine by moving your body (yoga, walking, swimming, etc.) daily in ways that strengthen, tone and energize your muscles and circulatory system -- aiding digestion and effective absorption of your top-grade fuel.


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