Miscarriage myths

Miscarriage myths
  • Exercise can cause miscarriage

    There is nothing further from the truth! Women who exercise have less negative symptoms during pregnancy, are less likely to end up with preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, report less pain during labor, and generally bounce back faster in the post-partum phase, both in terms of healing and physical fitness.

  • Having sex is bad for the baby and might cause miscarriage.

    Nope. Having sex might be uncomfortable for you... or you might not be in the mood, but in general, sex is perfectly safe and healthy during a normal pregnancy. Some women want it more, some want it less, either way, it's okay and normal.

  • Smoking doesn't cause miscarriage.

    False. Just because not all smokers miscarry doesn’t mean that the poisonous effects of inhaling poison will not cause your body to reject a pregnancy early on. Indeed, multiple studies have demonstrated that heavy smokers are significantly more likely to miscarry.

  • Lifting or doing strenuous work can cause miscarriage.

    No, sorry, it's just like exercise! It’s completely safe if your pregnancy is progressing normally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep this fact to yourself and get someone else to do the heavy lifting for you seeing as you're "too pregnant".


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