Managing stress during pregnancy

Managing stress during pregnancy

We all experience stress as a natural response to the challenges thrown our way. Our heart races, our head aches, we sweat, we tighten up, we shut down, we cry, we worry, we rage… and when this happens too often during pregnancy, our immune system falters and baby's brain development takes a hit.

Normally we can get by with whatever coping mechanisms (or lack thereof) we’ve got in our toolbox. Maybe it's indulging in comfort foods or an extra glass of wine, or bad poetry.

Our stress and coping mechanism would get us by, one way or another.

But now?

Now that we’re housing another human, everything changes. We’re responsible for their intricate-and-vital development – of which stress has a known negative long-term impact on their brain and cognitive development, risking learning disabilities and mood disorders.

One of the main challenges of pregnancy is to find relative peace and balance within yourself and in your daily behaviors. It's not something we're taught in school, unfortunately. Some of us urgently need to change our daily stress levels and our coping mechanisms, especially the destructive ones.


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