Midwife interview questions

Midwife interview questions

If you decide to opt for the easy comfort and personal care of a midwife, it's critical you're comfortable with her credentials, capabilities and have assessed her stance on the various labor and birth issues.

Below is a list of interview questions that will help you decide whether a potential candidate meets your criterion.

  • How long & where have you been practicing midwifery?
  • What certification and/or licensing do you have?
  • What physician(s) do you work with & use as back-up for emergencies?
  • Do you work with a partner?
  • How many of your patients are due within a month of my due date?
  • What prenatal tests do you require?
  • What is your plan if one of your patients goes into labor when I do?
  • What pain relief methods do you offer and/or recommend?
  • Is your certification for neonatal resuscitation up to date?
  • Do you bring oxygen tanks to births?
  • How often do you make postpartum visits?

TIP: Any qualified midwife has up-to-date licensing, records and an organized schedule of their current patients, local back-up medical contacts and offers multiple pain management options. Hopefully, they are also healthy happy individuals who show insight and intuition into your pregnancy as you discuss it with them.

Remember: It's important you're comfortable with your midwife's personality. If you don't get along with her on an emotional level or - for whatever reason, don't respect her, this can induce anxiety and negatively impact your labor. Listen to your gut and check her credentials, because you need to really trust your midwife.


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