Congratulations! Your uterus has been selected by the tiniest of your children to be their cozy one-room studio for the next nine months!

  • Take a moment to contemplate what this means

    Pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood challenge us to listen to our body's wisdom, manage our emotions and to be more mindful in our daily lives. If not for ourselves, at least for the sake of our children's utter dependence on us for their very life.

  • It's time to clean up your life

    If there are toxic elements in your life, it's time to hunt them down and get rid of them. Seek your family and friend's support if you're feel overwhelmed at the prospect of ending bad habits and hurtful relationships. There is no place in pregnancy for toxic relationships, substances or choices.

  • You've still got time to get it together

    If the thought of the changes you’re going to have to make is freaking you out, take a deep breath and remember that you have plenty of time to prepare, lots to learn and a lifetime of love to grow for the wee creature currently nestled in your uterus.


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