How to Make College Work for You During Pregnancy

How to Make College Work for You During Pregnancy

So you're a Mom-to-Be in college? Wonderful! I've been there, and while sometimes it's not fun, it is incredibly rewarding when it's all said and done to be able to show that achievement to your child later on in life and say, "I overcame the odds, I did it!" To make this easier on you, though, from one college mom to another, let me give you some tips on making things more smooth while you are in college.

1) Talk to Your Professors!

Once you figure out you're expecting, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your teachers and let them know. Talk to someone about it. A simple "Excuse me, Professor ___ , hi my name is ____ and I just found out I'm pregnant, I wanted you to know in case of emergencies and doctor's appointments. I will do my best to work around my class schedule, but if I can't I just wanted to let you know I will stay in touch about it and keep you in the loop." 

Generally speaking, they won't find that annoying, they'll appreciate it quite a bit. They WANT you to pass that class. They're more willing to work with you rather than against you if you are open and honest from the beginning.

You can find the right school for you with the tool below. Enter in some general information about your education and it will suggest schools to you based on your input and geolocation. After your research you'll know which schools are best for you during your pregnancy. So don't put off your education just because your pregnant, you can do this!

2) Rest

Keep caught up on your sleep, and nap when you can! Your life is already getting a lot more tiring, and by adding college to the mix, you're making it that much more tiring. When not in class, get some rest, even if that means going to a college cafe or student center and putting your feet up. 

If it comes down to you getting sleep versus that extra hour of study, either opt for the sleep or compromise and take the extra half an hour. Trust me your body will thank you for allowing it to get those extra Zzz's, and will thank you by not having you fall asleep in your classes! 

(And believe me, no professor is happy when their student falls asleep in class, whether they understand why it happened or not.)

3) Be Prepared for Unwanted Attention

Just like everywhere else, people are going to be trying to pat and rub your belly and ask you all kinds of rude and annoying questions... par for the course. People sometimes think that just because they're in class with you, they get to have special rights to talk about things with you that others don't. 

"Wow, you're HUGE!", "Oh My God, how cute, you do know who the daddy is right??" , and "Can I touch it!! You think it'll move for me!?" -touches it without waiting for an answer-. When that happens, if you're not ok with it, put your foot down and tell them to buzz off. 

You should feel comfortable, not like you're the lead in a one woman circus show. You have the right to not have to put up with that kind of harassment.

4) Bring Small Snacks for All Day Classes!

Making a baby takes a lot of hard work! You're going to want to have little pick me ups all day to help boost your energy. Carry an apple or two in your fruit, and some water or juice, to help keep you energized in a healthy way while you're in school. 

It'll help keep you up and can even minimize headaches and other things that can be brought on due to low blood sugar and hunger. While it's not necessary, it will certainly make your life a lot easier. Having protein rich snacks, like snacks with peanut butter or meat, and fruits, can certainly make things go better.

5) Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Assignments

What you could normally procrastinate on and get cranked out in hours, can possibly take you three times as long now that pregnancy brain is potentially striking. It's better to decrease your stress in general and not fret about that last minute assignment by getting a head start on it when you have some free time that isn't being spent on napping. 

You don't want to be pulling an all nighter while pregnant, it is not fun, it's not easy, and it has the potential to make you miserable and stress you and baby out. Not worth the risk of all that stress. Just take the extra effort to get started. 

You'll even notice an improvement in your classwork, because when you have more time to work on it, you have a better chance of doing it well and doing it right the first time. You'll find that most colleges have a support centers which help students to succeed. If you want to research the different colleges in your area you can begin by clicking on the banner below to find colleges in your area.

Once you know which college is more dedicated to helping you succeed, you'll feel better about attending college through your pregnancy.

6) Dress for Comfort, Not Style

You're not there for a fashion show, so dress for comfort. Choose shoes with good support and not heels or things made for looks. I personally ditched the jeans on those super long days, and went in sweat pants and t-shirts. Still did my makeup and hair, because that's just me, but I was not going to be in a class where I could not control the temperature, sitting and sweating my butt off or shivering my head off. 

Not going to happen. Even if it's just wearing a looser t-shirt instead of a really tight shirt, every little bit helps you to relax while you're in class. If people want to judge, let them. It's your life and their opinions on your clothing don't matter at the end of the day. 

*NOTE This is NOT me telling anyone to hide their bump! It's all about comfort, so if leggings and other clothes work for you, then you do what works for you! Your comfort is key!

And remember, you're there for you, not anyone else. If you offend someone by telling them to keep their hands to themselves, well that's on them, because you deserve to be comfortable without being pawed at or spoken to like that. And what you're doing is amazing, never forget that. 

You're providing your child with the building blocks of success, giving your family a higher chance of success financially later on, and all around setting the example that being pregnant does not have to hold you back. You can still achieve your goals and dreams while pregnant, and you should! Best of luck to you, fellow college mom! I wish you the best! 


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