How to keep a good nanny

How to keep a good nanny

It is very easy to get a nanny but to ensure that she stays forever it a very difficult task. According to Mary O'Connor, former president of the International Nanny Association and owner of a nanny agency, the only way one can ensure the nanny stays is by being a good boss.

How to be a good boss is the next a concern among many today. The answer can be got by analyzing your workplace, and your boss. There are a few common questions one can ask oneself with respect to this concern.

Getting acquainted to what qualities make your boss a good one, understanding why you remain loyal to your firm and what are the few aspects that you do not like about the employer will help one be a good boss to the nanny.

Such a thought process will ensure one behaves as a good boss, thereby ensuring the nanny is happy with her work environment which indirectly influences your baby's environment.

Few pointers to keep in mind:

Ensure a fair wage

Similar to how one would not be happy with a salary way below average, it is the same in the case of nannies. The nanny's pay is most often dependent on a few aspects such as the number of children to be taken care of, the duties and responsibilities, the experience the nanny has and education. Most often the pay ranges from $350 to $800 a week. This is for approximately 45 hours of work.

Most often the salary is around $300 a week if a room and board is offered.

If you require your nanny to be working for more than eight hours a day then it is but natural to pay for the overtime. It is the experience which primarily determines the nanny's salary. The more experience the more the nanny will demand, and due to the quality of service, one tends to hire those with more experience. A small survey with nearby parents and families will give you a better idea of how much the nanny's demand. You can also contact the International Nanny Association for the best nannies at an affordable price.

Keep your nanny happy with benefits

There are numerous ways to ensure your nanny stays happy. One of it is by drafting an attractive holiday plan whereby the nanny can avail paid leave thereby enjoying personal time off. Few parents go a step ahead by providing their nanny with a car. Though the premium might be heavy on the pocket it is very important that she is covered under your car insurance. If the car plan doesn't suit you, other alternatives include paying for community college, gym membership or other classes that she might be interested in.

Ensure that all the benefits are explicitly mentioned in the contract especially if one is pitching in for health or car insurance. Another benefit includes allowing the nanny to bring her child to work. This makes many nannies happy.

Let her feel like a professional

The location of the work doesn't matter as far as the real job is concerned. Just because nannies work out of various homes doesn't mean they cannot enjoy being professionals. Let your nanny know that you trust her abilities and experience. It is very important to trust your nanny, frequent questioning of her capabilities will make it a very unpleasant environment for you the nanny and also your child. Respect her work and suggest what you think might be a better way to take care of your child. However never overdo such suggestions as it may be misunderstood as interference which the nannies would not appreciate.

Respect and abide the ground rules

It is a very common culture that the nanny ends up doing the household work despite her job being just to take care of your child. It is important to remember the purpose of hiring a nanny, never shower her with household chores unless her contract includes such provisions or her pay includes service fee for household chores. Remember, you hired your nanny to care for your child.

It is not right to ask your nanny to run errands apart from those concerned with the child. Ensure to be at home before her work timings end. Compensate her fairly if you require her to extend her working hours. It is important to understand that nannies have their families and personal lives too. They have their own families to take care off. Thus it is very essential to set ground rules right in the beginning and to abide by them under all circumstances.

Appreciate your nanny

Everyone likes to be appreciated for their work. It motivates and encourages them to perform better next time. It creates a happy atmosphere where the employee and employer are comfortable with each other. It is the same with nannies. Ensure you appreciate your nanny's work. By appreciating her good work she will not only be happy but be loyal towards her job. All this ultimately influences your child.

Understand that nannies are doing the most important job of taking care of your child and ensuring all the child's needs is met in a timely manner. Thus valuing not only the nanny's job but the nanny herself is important.

Small things such as leaving a thank you note occasionally acknowledging her work, or buying her small gifts on your way back home once in a blue moon will definitely keep your nanny happy. Unexpected cash bonus on festivals and celebrating her birthday are few of the other means of showing that you are grateful that would brighten her day instantly.

Flexibility plays a key role

Give your nanny a little liberty in terms of modifying her schedule occasionally. As far as she doesn't take advantage of the liberty, it is important to be a flexible employer. Keep in mind that nannies have their own personal lives and different errands to run, accommodating her occasional needs of leave and reduced working hours is essential.

Communicate the good and bad

It is not important to appreciate your nanny alone. In fact it is very important to voice your opinion irrelevant of it being good or bad. Keep in constant touch with your nanny, this helps both of you'll to be on the same page. The nanny will be aware of the expectations you have from her and on the other hand you can always propose changes in work style for the betterment of your child. Feel free to voice your appreciations and apprehensions.

Amy, a part-time nanny from El Cerrito, California emphasized on the importance of communicating clearly. Checking with the nanny for a few minutes at the end of the day or at the beginning of day is essential. If time doesn't permit face-to-face interactions, writing down your thoughts can prove to be equally helpful.

A to-do list has become extremely important and proved to be very handy for many families. Write down what requires to done and the due date, emphasize the different priorities in a different column so that your nanny knows what has to be done first. Such a timetable or a to-do list makes the day more productive and puts the nanny at ease since she knows in advance what is expected out of her on that day.

Do not doubt her decisions

Sometimes nannies impose restrictions on your child, which may seem unreasonable at first. However do not doubt her decisions. Never impose your authority over her thereby drowning your nannies decisions. It is essential that your child listens and respects your nanny and her decisions as she is imposing certain rules only for the good of your child.

Mary O'Connor recalls how a nanny who was placed through her nanny referral agency chose to walk out of the house because the family did not empower her to impose restrictions on the child.

On the contrary the parents say they let the nanny impose rules when it came to the child's swimming activity, but this was not the case always. The parents often changed their mind because of which the child could enjoy swimming even if she misbehaved. Such confusions make it difficult for both the nanny and the child.

Treat your nanny more than just your employee

It is very easy for us to overlook the fact that your nanny has a personal life and her own set of chores and responsibilities. Finding a little about your nanny's background, her family and other personal details can be beneficial at some or the other time in future. Get to know your nanny, and ensure she feels like a member of the family.

Do not intrude into her personal life

You should make the nanny feel like family, but do not interfere in her personal life. Respect her personal space. On her off days do not call for last minute duties, let her enjoy her time off in the same way you enjoy yours from work. Teach your child the same. Let her enjoy her holidays.


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