How to find a good nanny?

How to find a good nanny?

Here's a solution in searching a responsible caregiver for your infants. You must be that patient to find the caretaker until you get satisfied and realize that this person suits your family as best person.

You shouldn't negotiate on this subject, so be set for a huge search. You will require having patience and full of resources, and must have conferred with their family and friends, although with some online nanny finding agencies that provide possible prospects.

The below listed can guide you finding suitable nannies:

Discover your needs:

First, confirm what you require. Speak to your well-wisher what your nanny should satisfy. Decide whether you need a mature and skilled nanny? Is your dream nanny should be a degree holder from early childhood education? Make a perfect database listing when you are going to begin the interview of the applicants who have registered their names with details or you may refer to nanny agencies with better options.

Do sufficient Research

Advertise your needs: Inform all your contacts that you are in need of nanny and looking for some help from their sides as personal addresses can provide the most trustable ones. Assign a notice in newsletters and post an ad in local newspapers and outlets or parenting centers and even sticking bills on public places like gyms, shops and so on.

Consulting pros: Search if there's a training conducting in your surrounding relating to nannies, if being conducted contact the staff for better referrals. In most communities, these training programs are held by the community centers, charity associations and other institutions that may be difficult to find via websites. Also consult some friends and nearby well -wishers or contact your community organizations.

You also have the option for contacting a nanny consultant agency. These organizations send candidates satisfying to your provided needs and requirements and can insist you to search candidates who conform to their criteria. They look after their work experience and examine their driving violations and check on their criminal record. Some demand the nannies to take a physical exam which includes blood and other reports.

You'll be charged a lot to pay their monthly rentals for their service which may range from 800 to 5000 dollars per month, depending on the area you are based and requirements you have proposed but providing you an advantage to save your time.

Online research: Try to search the Internet on websites such as and sites which provide online services and post lists from parents and nannies too. Find out people who cost less compared to local agencies, but not free of cost. The prices may range from 20 to 800 dollars or even more, counting on how much time you keep your ad online and the type of help you require.

Basic needs usually involve the helpful detailed post and forms, with screen check which includes extra costs. Some requirements make you compensate a finder's price. But websites sometimes spread promotions to raise fees and offers a certain discount, so check often to avail offers. The site nannynetwork provides a list of most online agencies and posts special offers from its members. Also, the International Nanny Association has worthy resources and other services for families accepting professional nannies.

And if you have an interest in hiring a pair, always keep in your minds that pairs are different from nannies providing the type of care.

Commercialize your position: As a last method, post an advertisement in online portals and newspapers under classified ads page. But be prepared for the huge responses by the viewers. If you follow this path, be very straight about your requirements and needs and list any other wants you need for which the applicants may get disqualified.

After this step, put an outgoing message facility in your voice mail demanding the candidate's names and contact details of their referrals and references. That way prescreening of your applicants can be done and at last deciding the one you need to interview.

Interviewing the Candidates: Have a conversation with a lot of candidates. Ask unique questions about their work and experience and childcare philosophies with their personal concerns, after work actions, and screening their backgrounds. It can be enlightening to involve your sibling while you get into touch with the interviewees so you may examine them practically. Try to be more natural and maintain your guts. If you aren't satisfied, you may reject it as well.

Susan Webb, a female parent of two male kids after examining the candidate realized a fact and shared that "one applicant gave all correct answers, but rarely interacted with her sons". I rented her anyhow as I was curious, but when she dropped after a month to grant a job as an assistant teacher, I wasn't surprised to that extent".

Assure references: Once you have reduced the number of applicants by rejecting and accepting them, assemble the accepted ones separately, then contact them through their references- even though they may be proposed from agencies. If you have already conducted this part of the testing process, feel release to contact them and again get clarified by asking some more detailed interrogations or extra references.

Be assured to interrogate with the former employers relating to the nanny's strengths and weaknesses including the reason for which the agency no more wanting her to employ. Do not jump this step- you have to be confident and assured enough on her work and capabilities and how her behavior with the near and dear ones was.

Conduct a trail: Ask all the finalists to reach your home at one time for a couple of days as a trail run. Pay each of them for their work and observe them very carefully especially on the way they interact with your siblings. There's nothing better rather than seeing them on your own eyes and choose the best one amongst them who is suitable to do the nanny's job according to you.


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