How much does daycare cost?

How much does daycare cost?

Charges of these Daycare centers are generally dependent on two factors like the location of the center and also what type of facilities are in offer. The range normally starts from $4,500 and can go up to $18,000 for a year or $375 to $1,567 every month. In costly US cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles, the cost every year can go up to a maximum of $24,000 for a single child.

The older your baby is, the lesser the charges you have to pay for caretaking andif your baby is an infant child then you will have to pay a little higher charge. This is because infants need more attention and care than the toddlers, because of which the center has to hire more amount of people for taking care of them.

Generally these centers charge on a monthly basis, but you could avail a certain amount of discount if you are willing to pay the charge of the whole year on the first month itself. However some daycare centers offer the facility of weekly payment, where you have to pay the charge on a per week basis. But whatever it may be the charge is calculated including the holidays when the center would be closed, and also you will be charged for the days you are out on vacation and you don't require the facility of the daycare center.

You can cut down on your childcare costs by being a little creative and planning for some effective measures by which you can take care of your child and simultaneously reduce childcare charges. You can start by reading articles which suggests different innovative ways on this issue. An effective way is to start using an extensible tax free spending account. You can ask your recruiter weather this facility is available or not n your workplace.


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