How much does a home daycare cost?

How much does a home daycare cost?

Day care centres are an important need for the modern woman or even the modern family. But how do you negotiate upon the costs? Deciding upon a fixed average for home childcare is virtually not possible; the prices charged differ depending upon the location where daycare is required. Apart from that, certain daycare providers charge very little in case they are friends or know each other well. But in other cases, their costs can shoot up to charges as much as daycare centres or sometimes even more than that, rendering them pricey. Therefore there is no hard and fast rule to the cost of daycare centres.

Various agencies and independent organizations such as NACCRRA that record related figures, daycare costs around an average of a couple of hundreds of dollars; estimating to say, about $600 as the wages for a month. There are various other figures that suggest that the range of costs incurred for daycare is wide, almost from 3 to 11 grand; the same can vary greatly, depending upon the locality, age of the child and various other factors.

Giegle, who is the director of one of the most prime family and child care associations, NAFCC, suggests young parents to conduct informal surveys in their areas and know more about the price ranges and the various services that are provided. There are various hotlines and other alternate help lines that will help you understand your situation and accordingly act.


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