Helping labor progress

Helping labor progress

Once you're actually in labor, you're going to want to get to the other side to finally meet your wee babe and end the intensity of those non-stop contratctions.

  • Labor requires your mental, emotional and physical focus

    Nowhere is the mind-body connection so critical to life as it is during labor. Without intending to, you can slow and even stop labor if you're afraid, distracted or stressed out.

  • Get rid of distractions and stay on task

    Turn off your phone and tv. Remove everything and everyone who would distract you from your work. Appreciate the bodily focus labor requires, the emphasis on slow breathing, the attention to relaxing in order to accept the intense work of your muscles as good.

  • Labor in a stress-free zone

    Keep your laboring environment free of people that would bring extra stress, anger, drama or anything that distracts you emotionally or mentally from focusing on the work of moving your baby out of your body and into your arms.

  • Keep moving

    Make every effort to be mobile and upright during labor as gravity pulls your child downward and walking and staying active stimulates your uterine muscles to bring your baby down the birth canal. Take breaks when you feel tired.

  • Take the stairs, turn around and do it again

    Stair-walking help your labor progress because they not only provide you with a very clear goal (get to the top/get to the bottom) but the additional movement stimulates more muscles and helps thin your cervix more than you would on a normal walk.


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