Pregnancy truth #4

Pregnancy truth #4

Your body is an amazing and powerful biological machine

Most of us fall short of the airbrushed images gaping at us from the checkout line, gigantically perfect on the side of buses -- those perfect bodies are not us and we know it.

But now you're pregnant and this message is louder and clearer than any digitally enhanced fashion ad: your body is capable of creating and nourishing human life!

For those of you who struggle with loving your body, don't sell this moment in your life short: pregnancy directly demonstrates just how astonishingly amazing and powerful your body truly is.

To offer your body up for nine months of exquisitely complex human development and the time spent breastfeeding an utterly helpless human into an independent state is nothing short of an epic feat... even if you didn’t plan this journey, the fact your body takes you there is nothing short of amazing.

If you love yourself by feeding and treating your body right, not only will pregnancy be easier, you'll enter motherhood on your feet and rarin' to go!.


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