Food for thought

Food for thought
  • Many of us struggle with food issues

    Whether we’re talking about a pre-existing eating disorder, comfort eating during stressful phases, or simply lacking the willpower to make the changes we know we should, the modern world has cluttered up our lives with road blocks to achieving a healthy (and happiness-promoting) diet.

  • It’s not particularly obvious

    With tons of super-cheap-n-easy fast-food restaurants and addictive empty-calories littering our lives and the bizarrely-expensive organic produce, it has become increasingly difficult to eat the right foods. Still, if there ever was time for a serious overhaul in your mentality about eating, pregnancy would be it.

  • We need living foods to thrive and fight disease

    Whether plants, fruits, animals, berries, nuts, beans or mushrooms. Remember this and apply it every time you go grocery shopping.

  • Our taste buds are being fooled by our genes

    Most of us choose to eat foods based on one simple thing: tastiness. This used to be an excellent way to nourish yourself before there McDonald's or stores full of cereal, pasta’s, chips, crackers and other such addictive and conveniently preserved food products.

  • We're wired to want sugary, starchy foods

    So much so, that we'll eat these foods till they make us ill - even when pregnant. This is precisely why the endless stream of food-products are addictive in flavor and texture. This guarantees you'll continue to crave and consume these food products. That’s how money’s made.

  • The food industry figured it out decades ago.

    As a result of the cleverness of the food industry's efforts, it is now significantly cheaper to produce, distribute and sell highly preserved, chemically altered but tasty-n-addictive food products over healthy living veggies, fruits and meats.

  • We can't let tastiness alone define our diet

    Now that we’re responsible for our unborn child’s health and nutritional needs, it's time to challenge yourself to a healthy pregnancy full of real food with pure ingredients. If you mess up, don’t beat yourself up – this isn’t the end, it’s a simple lesson in will-power. Next time you’ll know better.

  • Final thought: 80% compliance = WIN!

    If your diet is at least 80% fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, meats, dairy with a little tasty-but-smart cheat here and there, you’re doing great and your body and energy-levels will thank you!


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