Dreaming pregnant

Dreaming pregnant

Pregnant women - and their partners, often report an intensification in their dreams and dreaming patterns. This is driven by a couple of basic conditions - none of which are cause for anxiety or stress.

  • More frequent waking at night increases the chance for conscious memory processes to store more dreams at a higher rate than usual. This means you're more likely to remember the dreams you'd usually forget, thus it feels like you dream more than normal, although this isn't necessarily always the case.
  • Sleep patterns shift thanks to the combined hormonal shifts, energy demands and bladder deprivation resulting in increased sleep and longer REM cycles = more time dreaming - especially near the end of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy is an intense and strange time. It's actually logical that dreams are so strange (and real!), but don't take them too seriously. Remember: your mind - when left to its own devices and bathed in pregnancy hormones and related worries, can go to very strange places.
  • Let the dreams do their work and get free therapy by writing them out. Avoid over-analyzing the content of the dreams as literally meaningful (you don't really want to sleep with a half-unicorn-half man) - unless they make obvious sense. The emotions you experience are more telling than the actual dream plot, especially if anxiety or fear was the driving emotion. Identifying the sources of anxiety in your dreams can serve as excellent guideposts for what to work on facing and/or fixing in your daily life.


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