Combat cravings correctly

Combat cravings correctly

If you eat the correct foods, your cravings will abate and potentially stay away if you continue to balance your intake carefully to pure, fresh vitamin and mineral-rich produce, unprocessed meats, nuts, eggs and dairy.

  • If you’re craving salty or fatty foods

    Saute chicken b****t, pork chop or steak and season with salt, pepper and sauces as desired. If you're a vegetarian boil or fry two eggs in virgin olive oil. Finish off with a large glass of water or two.

  • If you’re craving sweet or tart things:

    Opt for fruits, frozen, dried or fresh. Blend a super-tasty smoothie with bananas, strawberries, oranges, ice, milk/yogurt, and handful of almonds. If your cravings continue eat a handful of nuts or a boiled egg.

  • If you’re craving chips, crackers or other process carbs

    Have some plain yogurt with honey, raisins/dried cranberries, fresh fruit and a large glass of water.

  • After-meal walks improve digestion

    The longer the walk the greater the improvement to your digestive system's performance as walking stimulates your stomach muscles and circulatory system, improving nutrient absorption (which helps combat cravings) and digestion, and decreasing heartburn... plus, walking fights the fat.


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