The catheter & IV

The catheter & IV
  • Catheters are for epidurals and c-sections only

    Painfully poking a thin tube into your urethra so you can pee from the comfort of your bed is an option which is there purely for the attending staff's convenience - unless you're unable to walk due to an epidural. Just say no to catheters if you can walk.

  • IV are completely unnecessary for a vaginal birth

    Some hospitals automatically hook a laboring woman up to an IV to keep her hydrated, which chains you to the IV equipment, restricting your mobility. Unless you're unable to swallow water for some mysterious reason, there is absolutely no need to be hooked up to an IV while in labor. As long as your labor partner or doula are offering fluids on a regular basis, your hydration needs will be sufficiently met with good ol' fashioned mouth-drinkin'!


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