Breastfeeding bootcamp

Breastfeeding bootcamp
  • Why bootcamp?

    Your newborn's tiny new stomach and bumblebee-like metabolism will have you breastfeeding (at least) every two hours of the day and night. There will be no set pattern either. You'll have to be ready whenever they command (cry for) "private b**b" to make an appearance.

  • Night-feedings are normal

    It's sad-but-true, you'll both be waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to feed for the first year - this is perfectly normal and your infant's cries should never be ignored. Don't try waking them up to feed, either. Let sleeping infants lie!

  • Watch what you eat

    Because a newborn's tummy has never been used, many foods you eat without issue will cause them painful gas cramps when passed through your b****t milk. For the first three months: eat bland stuff. No onions, no beans, no citrus juices or foods with high acidity, no foods that make YOU fart. Taking these measures will save you from a gassy crying infant.

  • Breastfeed on demand

    Whenever your infant cries in a dry diaper offer your b****t and ignore the well-meant advice of older generations who scheduled their infant's meals at set times. Let your baby set the schedule as they're the only one who knows when he or she is hungry. and your milk supply will thank you for feeding on demand.

  • Breastfeeding bootcamp isn't just about hunger

    The non-stop feedings of the first three months strengthens your infant's suckling reflex and jaw muscles while soothing them in a world that is otherwise highly disorienting and frightening. Nothing works quite as well as your "b****t-plug" when you want to cease a fussy newborn's cries. Trust us, there's no shame in being a human pacifier!


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