In defense of breakfast

In defense of breakfast
  • Why doesn't breakfast get any love?

    Maybe it's because you're half-awake when making it and maybe it's because you aren't very hungry... especially if you wake up feeling like the underside of a pig farmer's boot.

  • Breakfast: the least-healthiest meal

    You do have breakfast, you say? Sure, you might toss a frozen waffle in the toaster as the coffee maker does it's magic, munch on a bagel or worse - grab a coffee to-go with a glazed deep-fried donut on the side. Quick, sweet, energizing and you're done, right?

    Sure, for an hour... if you're lucky.

  • Gaze two hours into your future

    A growing pit of aching-emptiness knots your gut up as your insulin levels drop to distressing levels that leave you snappy and ill-focused. So much for energizing... and if you're pregnant, you're already on your third snack by now since breakfast wasn't nearly enough nutrients and your insulin's plunging twice as fast as the rest of us.

  • Breakfast (or the lack thereof) set your daily energy levels

    Not only your energy but your insulin absorption and digestion rates are dictated by what you put in your face after you wake up. Eating a vitamin-rich breakfast combats nausea better than an empty stomach or coffee-n-cake. Plus, you'll have energy levels that last till lunch-time!


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