Body image issues

Body image issues

It's okay, you can admit it, you're feeling a little insecure. Well, you're in luck: because we've got a free self-esteem boost and perspective alignment.

  • We're all a bit shallow and vain... that's okay

    It's a rare woman that doesn't worry about stretch marks, saggy breasts, the inevitable hip-spreading and of course, gaining too many difficult-to-remove pounds of fat in those nine months of bun-baking. It's okay to worry a bit - that's motivation to stay healthy, just don't obsess as there are a million better things on which to focus.

  • Stop comparing yourself to non-pregnant women

    In a world that finds the size 0 celebrity shape bizarrely beautiful, the growing silhouette of our pregnant form can be discomfortingly round and full. Just remind yourself that you're technically more important than any non-pregnant person because you're actually more than one person right now!

  • The beauty of your body is in the act of creation

    Sure, billions of women have done it before you, but none of them were creating your child in all their delicate and intricate wonder. The body motherhood gives you reflects your capacity to create that new precious life! Don't sell that value short just because you're no longer the same shape as before.

  • Prove to yourself that you're worth it

    There's no better way to combat your insecurities than directly attacking the issue head-on. Love your body by taking care of it: choose foods that are good for you and exercise every day. Prove that you're worth it by getting up every day and taking the time to look nice... whether you're going to an interview or just the mailbox.


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