Birthing center pros & cons

Birthing center pros & cons

Birthing Centers are an alternate birthing environment that've become popular up in the last decade as a reaction to the invasive and risky birthing practices of many hospitals.

  • PRO (+) They're cheaper than a hospital.
  • PRO | CON (+-) They rarely offer epidurals, but do have different less risky pain-management options including a birthing tub.
  • PRO (+) A gentle home-like birthing environment for women not comfortable birthing at home.
  • PRO (+) They're run by certified midwives and nurses who're trained to deal with all possible complications during labor and birth.
  • CON (-) You're not at home and can't sleep in your own bed, access your kitchen or use your own bathtub.
  • PRO (-) Birthing centers are women-centered labor-positive environments that will provide you with much more psychological support during labor than you're likely to experience in the hospital.


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