Your birth philosophy

Your birth philosophy

For years now, women have been making birth plans, checking them twice, hoping their labor nurses are nice. And for years, those same birth plans end up abandoned, scrapped and laughed at as events shift and slide in ways no one could've anticipated.

We're making a new recommendation: throw out the birth plan and create a birth philosophy instead.

A birth plan confines your choices whereas a birth philosophy is flexible and understands that not everything can go according to some perfect numerical formula or that your baby even knows much less cares what sort of schedule your life is on.

You can begin to analyze and define your birth philosophy by researching the following questions

  • How do I feel about my body's ability to give birth?
  • What is the process of labor and birth like?
  • What medical interventions do I want?
  • Where will I be most comfortable laboring & birthing?
  • What pain management options do I want during labor?
  • Why should I breastfeed?


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