Best Graduate School Programs For Pregnant Women

Best Graduate School Programs For Pregnant Women

These days more and more people are attending post-secondary education such as college or university. This can include bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorates too. The kind of schooling we’re talking about here is graduate school or earning your master’s degree. What is a good program to take in graduate school while you are pregnant, you may ask.

Modern society has a come a long way from 100 years ago, especially in terms of education and gender equality, more specifically the education of women. Let’s not get it wrong, sexism does still exist, however women have made much progress in terms of rights and equality in everyday society. Gender equality may not be 100 percent just yet, but the situation is definitely getting better.

Using a tool like the one below can help you find the right school to help you get started. After entering in basic information, the tool will provide a list of schools close to you that offer programs in the areas of study that you're interested in. So don't give up, find a school close to you and fulfill your educational dreams!

1. Early Childhood Education and Teacher's College

Early childhood education is a great graduate school program especially fro people who believe our children are the future, and building a better future through our children is amazing. Part of an early childhood education program will teach you how to nurture children’s talents and intelligence from as early on as possible.

The graduate program will do this by providing you with everything you need to know about children, their wants, their needs, and most important of all, how to deal children of all learning levels and social capabilities.

If you've already been taking educational studies, or social work studies think about furthering your education through a graduate school degree in an early childhood education course. What better way to prepare yourself for your own baby than to take a professional course in a post-secondary institution?

Having children, especially for the first time can be and usually is a nerve wracking experience. Pregnancy can be awesome, but it can be really scary as well.

The best way to combat your own nervousness, doubts and fear is to prepare yourself for the future. There's no better way to have a child than if you're prepared and know everything you need to know about children. If you’re already leading your education down this path and you happen to be pregnant, then why not consider taking an early childhood education course at graduate school?

2. Nursing and Nurse Practitioner

Another fantastic graduate school program for those who have been taking science and biology courses is a nursing graduate program you can become a registered nurse or even pursue becoming a nurse practitioner. There are of course several upsides to this. First of all, it never hurts to understand human anatomy, how to deal with crisis situations, and how to provide first aid.

Second, if you understand biology and physiology, then you'll understand your pregnancy on a professional level. Being able to understand your own pregnancy more fully will allow you to make more informed decisions about your own future and your baby's. 

If you have a nurse's education you'll know when something feels wrong during your pregnancy you have a good and solid educational base to make a decision or judgment. Fear of the unknown is often the largest fear that people have; there’s no better way to combat this than to know.

Finally, nurses are the first line of medical help in hospitals and doctor's offices, while it's a demanding career, it's also quite a rewarding career path as well.

3. Children’s Literature

Whether you're writing children's books or studying children's literature, taking the literature graduate program might be something you find rewarding and interesting. A literature masters means delving into the history of children's literature and how it's impact has changed and challenged children at every age.

And should you feel extra creative during your pregnancy, you might even write one of the best children's books of all time. Your graduate professor will guide you and critique your work in order to get the very best out of you, and when you're ready to graduate, you might even have a book to get published.

A masters in literature could mean an associate professorship at the university in which you're currently studying at and may lead to an incredible university career. If reading is a passion of yours, a literature graduate program can open more doors than you might be have ever dreamed possible, so whether you're studying literature or writing it, look into a literature graduate degree today.

4. Psychology

Psychology is always an interesting area of study, whether you're researching treatment methods for psychological disorders or continuing a study on a certain disorder, you'll be engaged in your work and using all the skills you've learned over the last four years. 

A masters in psychology could mean opening your own therapeutic practice. You can even specialize in certain areas of psychology as well. Some large business firms hire psychologists to improve productivity and help CEO's understand the needs of their employees better.

Your education is important so it's best to research which schools are better able to help you reach your goals during your pregnancy. Using a tool like the one below can help you find all the relevant schools and vet them to find the best one to reach your educational goals.

5. History and Political Science

There's no better way to end your educational career than taking a graduate program which will focus the last four years of your life into a goal oriented field of study that can take you far. Whether your passion is to write law, or teach, there are many careers in between that you can reach for with  this masters degree.

Depending on the profession you take, you will never be bored and you'll always be engaged in interesting discussions with either colleagues or students. It would be a pity to quit school now when you're so close to the career you've always wanted. Having the perspective of a mother might even mean that you're more passionate in your career than your co-workers.

Why give up on your dream of doing big things, when they're all within your reach? Find a graduate program in a school that will help you achieve your goals and support you through your pregnancy, it's not a pipe dream, it's a reality. All you have to do is find the right school for you.


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