Avoiding gestational diabetes

Avoiding gestational diabetes
  • Get moving - for at least a 15 minute walk after meals to optimize your blood sugar absorption.
  • Cut out sucrose and high fructose corn syrup -- in desserts, sauces, candy, sodas, sweet teas, and thin out fresh juice with 75% water.
  • Avoid food products with white flour in them such as pasta, white bread, noodles as they produce similar sugar-like insulin spikes.
  • Get enough protein and vitamins via eggs, leafy greens, nuts, and/or unprocessed meat), so you’re not automatically craving another snack 20 minutes after you eat.

Who’s at risk:

  • Overweight sedentary women
  • Women with a family history of diabetes
  • Women who’ve given birth to 9+lb babies
  • Women with multiples

New studies demonstrate that diabetic women benefit greatly from increasing their activity levels to improve insulin absorption. Indeed, some women with type 2 diabetes have successfully replaced insulin injections with daily exercise. The same principal holds for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes: daily activity can lower your insulin levels and improve your insulin absorption.

The theme of pregnancy is fairly obvious: if you eat right, get moving and actively avoid stress, your body and baby will thrive.


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