Are you ready for a babysitter?

Are you ready for a babysitter?

When can you leave your child with a sitter?

It's a very difficult emotional decision to leave your baby with a babysitter. There is no particular guideline as the entire decision has to be made by you. Well, you can talk to other parents and get their experience which might ease you up and help you to take a vital decision, whether to have a sitter or not.

The hardest decision for you is to trust someone else's care for your baby, whether you are away for the first time or you are used to leaving your baby daily with the sitter. But practically, now it's not possible for any parent to be with their child all the time.

Now, for you to be comfortable while leaving your baby with the caretaker, it's necessary that your baby get acquainted with the caretaker. So, you need to start introducing the sitter with baby as early as possible, before the tension of parting starts, which ease out the situation both for baby and the parents. The realization of your baby that you will return every time you go out will reduce her trouble and your sense of guilt.

How your child can be adapted to your leaving?

You need to start your departure from baby for a short period of around 15 minutes. Then slowly increase that time. In this way the baby will get adapted to it and that will give a feeling to baby that you will come back soon.

Sometimes you can allow your partner to carry on the feeding when you are out of the house for a while. (Initially, a small walk or a run is preferable.) This proves to be very helpful in building a bond between your partner and baby. In case you are a b****t-feeding mom, it will be great help in teaching your baby to feed on a bottle of pumped or expressed b****t milk, thus allowing you to take long breaks in future.

What should I do to make my baby used to separation?

While leaving your baby don't show any sign of worries or insecurity. Be very cheerful because baby will catch your feelings and will get disturbed too.

While leaving for short durations, be very casual and avoid saying goodbye several times that displays your departure from baby. As such your baby will be in an illusion of everything being right. And your happiness definitely lies in her happiness.

While leaving for work you need to make sure that your child is nicely slept and fed. Because, it's quite expected that your baby might have a tough time in your absence, she might be hungry or unwell.

To make the baby used to the situation you are advised to have the sitter for an hour or two days before you leave for work. This will help your sitter to understand your baby and you would be able to analyze whether they gel up together or not. Later, tell her to arrive half an hour before your departure so that your baby can easily accept the change.

Slipping out without saying goodbye should be avoided. Before, you leave make sure your kid is enjoying with the toys and having fun with the sitter. Well, that is the right time to say goodbye warmly and leave on time.

Mind that you too need to have time for yourself. You need to spend some time alone but don't count the time you spent alone in your work place. When you work then you require some time for exercise, hang out with friends or to spend quality time with their partner.

It is quite obvious that you are going to miss your child. But, see to it that you don't feel guilty about it and make sure that your day to day activity is not affected out of this feeling. And if it is so, try to keep your baby with someone known to both of you, so that both the baby and you can enjoy the time in each other's absence.


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