All about nanny care

All about nanny care

Many parents visualize a magical, loving storybook character, like Nurse Matilda or Mary Poppins by the word "nanny". Some such necessary qualities are shared by their real life characters - and if lucky, your child may get that magical touch.

Basic care is being provided by a nanny. Feeding, watching and bathing your kid in your home. She provides individual attention, soothing your child's fear and her hurts and promotes her physical and mental development. Some nannies receive special training or exposure in taking care for newborns, or helps babies and kids to develop nice sleeping habits.

All this nurturing and care worth a price, obviously. They will be more expensive than a daycare center.

As per Toni Lewis, mother of Cleo, 8 months old baby, she was very much worried about the cost, but later she figured out that it was worth it. She can't think of any other option for herself.

Overlooking the expense, majority of parents are depending on nannies for childcare these days. While it is tough to figure out the number ( to certain extent because some nannies are not employed legally), experts feel with growing number of women, number of nannies are increasing in United States and as families prefer to look for help for older kids other than toddlers and babies. Almost one million nannies are working in United States, says the International Nanny Association.

What experts say?

Experts prefer nannies as they provide individual care and focused attention which is vital for infants. As per suggestion by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in their ongoing studies, crucial factor is not the mode of care but the quality rendered.

If you get a good nanny - someone who is reliable, experienced and responsive and nurtures and understand your child's emotional and developmental requirements - then you have received an excellent childcare situation. And if, as your baby turns a toddler, nanny care is combined with playdates or any other scope enabling your child to socialize, you have received a situation that will be growing along with your child.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of monitoring the nanny, it will be tough for you to evaluate the nanny. ('Signs of a good nanny' can be helpful and seen). If you lack confidence on the efficiency of your nanny, consider for a better option, else may opt for a superior quality daycare or homecare arrangement else.

Vital questions related to nanny care

Do nannies get license?

What are the utility and non utility?

How to search for a nanny?

What is the cost of a nanny and how to pay her?

What signifies good nanny?

What signifies bad nanny?

How to make the relationship work?

The bottom line

Be prepared to put your hard work to search and keep a good nanny if the idea of keeping someone caring for your child appears like a unique arrangement.

If you wish her to stay be a good employer. Legal issued which may involve by keeping a nanny should also be considered. But by investing the time and maintaining a strong relationship with the nanny, you may shower your child with ample care and love when you are not at home.


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