All about home daycare

All about home daycare

Home daycare or family daycare is the exact thing that its name implies- providing daycare to your child in the home in place of a center. The provision of home daycare for a child is only possible if the parents, neighbors and friends are along with to look after the child.

Presently, home daycare has become a means of many parents who like to be at home and for those who really get pleasure in looking after children and beside they can also support their family financially. In the words of Anne Mea d, the treasurer of the National Association for Family Child Care, "Most home providers have made a conscious decision to do this as a career".

There are over 280,000 home daycares in the United States-that is approximately three times more than the licensed childcare centers. As per the report presented by the National Center for Education Statistics in 1996, around 14% of over 21 million U.S children under the age of six years are provided care by the home daycares, thus after the centre care and relative care it has become the third most preferable option in U.S.

Generally, home daycare are mostly preferred by those parents who desires to put their children in a cozy, friendly and homelike environment but fails to hire a nanny for their baby or don't want to rely on a relative for this purpose. Well, home daycare has certain limitations too.

In many states the necessity of licensing the home daycares are not maintained as strictly as they are maintained for the child daycare centers. Moreover, the caregivers of home daycares mayn't necessarily have any certification in early childhood education and development, which is a must in the daycare centers. There is also no provision of backups in case the caregiver falls sick, there is no one to supervise her work, if not she has some one for assistance.

In case, you got a great home daycare where you can comfortably keep your child, then nothing can be better than this, as that will be a much better option for you than the in-home care or care centers. There your child will get a home like warmth and security along with other children whom they can also play with.

As per the government surveys, more than 200,000 home daycares are found in the country. There you can find a wide variety in the race, age, education, income and marital status of the caregivers; as such you have the scope of getting such a home daycare that is likely your home environment.

What is the view of the experts?

Various observations prove that home daycares are the best preference as the groups of children in the home daycares are much smaller in size than the daycare centers, the environment is comfortable and securable like home, the children are provided with a regular caregiver, (at times two) and the children have less chance of falling ill.

Certainly, all these factors will work only when you will find a good caregiver. The most important thing put forward by a study of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is the quality of the childcare and not its form.

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In case you get along a great home daycare- where you feel relaxed to put your child before leaving- then you have got the perfect one as desired. In a reasonable price your child will be in a safe place where he would get playmates and chances to become socialized.

Remember, home daycares don't function exactly like the daycare centers, so first become convinced with your choice and keep checking everything regularly by suddenly arriving there or spending some time with the children alone.


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