All about babysitters

All about babysitters

How one can find a babysitter?

In case you are new in searching a babysitter, there is nothing to worry. There are a number of ways to find the right babysitter for your child. The best way is to put up your requirement in social networking, contacting various agencies providing baby sitters, also you can connect to online services of babysitters, you can also search by putting up ads in newspapers or by contacting the advertisers.

What are the tips for choosing a babysitter?

You should look for the babysitter according to your own needs. Always look for an old and matured person as a babysitter if your kid going to alone with the sitter. And if we go by the declaration of American Red Cross the age of babysitter should not be less then eleven.

According to the cautious experts, a child below the age of 14 is not eligible to be a babysitter. (Teenagers below 14 years can become great helpers of the Moms if they want any help at home.)

At the end of the day, it is you who know who can be the best babysitter for your child. Interact with her, observe, and after that you can decide who has the capability to look after your child in the best way.

Now, age cannot be the only criteria to choose babysitter for your kid. For an adult sitter her experience in childcare must be scrutinized and you must see to it that she is an easy going person with you as well as with your kid. Reference from a person in particular must be asked.

Well, now most importantly call the references and enquire about all relevant questions that are directly related to your child. Do ask them how long the sitter is known to them, what were her responsibilities and what was the age of the kid. Now, your sitter can be a teenage too. In that case call her parents and enquire in detail whether she can manage all her duties.

If the baby is an infant, you must check properly whether she is used to looking after young kids. Has she done a course on infant CPR and in first aid? Remember another very important thing; never appoint any sitter who has the habit of shaking babies.

Now, one thing you must keep in your mind that your sitter must be smart enough to manage any kind of emergency. She should know how to make a call, person to call and other basic things which need to be done at the time of emergency.

You can set up some rules and regulation for your sitter according to your need and environment in your home. Well, some guidelines may be about watching TV or about washing dishes after dinner etc. And strict instruction should be given like no smoking or drinking or to have unknown people in your premises without your knowledge.

What enquiries should I make to sitter?

After completing discussion about some basic things like timetable and availability, one important thing left is her experience and knowledge about safety measures. Enquire your sitter what needs to be done when infant is choking and the steps to be followed during emergency situation like fire etc.

Your next focus should be to drill the sitter and try to find out how she feels about children. What's her feel for kids and babies? (Now, as you know when comes the question of job everyone says yes to all condition put up by employer. So, throw some question like "Why she has chosen babysitter as her profession? What is the main attraction of her job?")

Enquire her how she handles the child when the child doesn't listen to her.

Adaptability is very important for a good sitter in case she needs to handle an older kid. She has to be interested in entertaining your kid by playing outdoor games and not just forcing your kid to watch TV whereas she is busy on phone.

Lastly, sitter must be clearly explained about the rules of your home like no smoking or drinking. Moreover, regarding language forbid her not to swear in front of the baby. And if you have any restriction on watching TV like timing or avoiding certain type of shows or music when your kid is awake, clearly mention that.

Go by your instinct and ask any question that comes to your mind. Sitter who will answer your question properly and has all relevant papers and good reference, still if your instinct doesn't allow you then don't hire her. Remember, it's about your child so don't take any chances make sure you do the best to get the best suitable sitter for your child.

What is the rate of a babysitter?

Rate of your babysitter depend on many factor like location of your house, number of children to look after, whether their work involve driving, cooking or any other work. So, the amount varies based on different situations, but it is most likely that rate would be between $4 to $10 an hour or may be more.

To have idea about the present rates ask some relevant people about it. Sometimes babysitters give their own rates. The best is to ask her references about the rate and that will give you a good idea about how much you should offer.

What can I do to brief my babysitter about her responsibilities?

Ask your sitter to arrive one hour before you leave. And, that will give you sufficient time to explain all her duties in detail and she could also get comfortable with you, your home and your child.

Another approach you can adopt is calling the sitter when you are at home. Now, let she play with your child and you take care of other household activities. By this way she as well as your child can understand each other. And, in case any problem arrives you will be right there.

Next step is to give her all the vital information like emergency phone number and the off limit of the fridge etc. Give her a tour of your house explains her where everything is kept and also show her properly how your door lock works. Brief her properly where baby's care supplies are kept and show her diaper changes.

Apart from this, also show her emergency exits, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are placed. In case, you have an alarm system show her properly how it works and last but not the least make sure that she knows the location of first aid box.

You need to explain her in detail about the baby's timetable like bedtime, bath time and meal time. Show, your kitchen to her in case she needs to cook or heat up food. Now, in case the sitter has to feed your baby expressed b****t milk or formula, just see to it that she knows the task well.

Tell her in advance about what baby's limitation.

Give her your phone number and also the address where you will be. (Sometimes you might have to go certain places where you have to turn off your cell or a place where you don't hear your phone ringing.)

In case, you are going far away from your place just make sure that sitter knows whom and how to contact people nearby or any family member for any kind of help. You can also inform your neighbors about your new babysitter so that they can help the sitter if required. And, they can also be alert for any kind of problem.

How can I build up a good relationship with my sitter?

Even first-time babysitters should be treated with respect to make her feel that she is capable of taking care of your child. You should make sure that she does exactly the work as discussed avoid assigning her with any other work. Don't engage her in other work like laundry or various work in kitchen in that case her attention will get diverted to other thing from her main job, that is to take care of your child.

Well, you can expect that she will take care of all the house mess that happens in your absence.

Always appreciate her work and that will boost up her confidence and she will try her best to work according to your instruction. In this way, your sitter understand well of your requirement and how you want her to handle your child.

The best thing you can do is make her feel that you need her services, appreciate her work and tell her that she is most welcome in your home. Your sitter knows that you trust her that's why she is in your home but it is always advised that you should not take relationship for granted. Make her feel that you appreciate her way of work or taking leave in advance.

Always appreciate her hard work in case she is your baby's favorite babysitter- do tell her. You must know that employer-employee relationship is a give and take relationship. If she feels respected she will show that by giving you and your child more care and respect.


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