Alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol is perhaps the world's favorite legal drug: served in bars, restaurants, sporting events and homes across the world. From cold beers to fine wines, there is no vice so widely accepted as the dinner drink, ball-game beer or party cocktail.

Enter Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), which results from ongoing prenatal exposure to alcohol in utero (aka "I drank enough booze while pregnant to screw my baby up"), causing flattened features, wide-spread eyes, and various developmental delays, cognitive problems and learning disorders.

That's why it's widely understood that pregnancy forces all social drinker into nine months of sobriety for better or - well, it's best not to drink when pregnant. We all know that, right?

That said, a rare half glass of wine with your dinner is unlikely to harm your unborn child, so long as it isn’t followed by another glass. Alcoholics need not apply - if you have difficulty stopping once you start, simply don’t start.

If you’re an actual alcoholic who can’t get by without large amounts of liquor every day, getting the shakes from physical withdrawal, let your caregiver and family know immediately so your symptoms can be monitored and they can help you find local support as you quit the sauce.


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