Advantages and disadvantages of nanny care

Advantages and disadvantages of nanny care

What advantages one may get by having a nanny?

Parents having good nannies are really fortunate. They don't need to deal with such politics of taking relative's help or with regular pickups and dropping off at a center.

A working mom, Moira French says that she doesn't face any stress in mornings in her home as she doesn't need to bundle Megan out the door, get dressed and ready.

Your babies stay in known ambience with nanny care and she can eat and sleep as per her own time. Moreover, she gets exposed to lesser germs and may get lesser prone to sickness, inconsequently.

Some parents find it comforting to realize that their child won't have to compete with other children to seek attention as she may have to do in a daycare. An architect of Los Angeles, Naomi Langer, says she was immediately ready to hire a nanny as her daughter will get individual care regularly.

She mentioned that if the kid was kept in daycare, she may not get the first attention while she requires something or cried.

Nannies can also go for a flexible scheduling than a daycare center - for last minute changes there may be wiggle room. If you have to attend an important meeting at work suddenly, for instance, you can negotiate with your nanny much easily compared to a center that has a specific time for its closing regularly (It can be assumed you don't have to schedule your work by adjusting her working hours quite frequently).

Disadvantages of nanny care

Nanny care is highly unsupervised; make it largely crucial that you select someone you can trust on, says Mar O' Connor, Prior president of the International Nanny Association. Once she decides to leave, you may have to search hard to get another one as this is a single person operation.

As per Susan Webb, a mom in Amherst, Massachusetts, they shifted their son to a daycare center when their third nanny departed within thirteen months. She was looking for a situation that won't be such critical.

Another issue is your child's social life. Kids get automatically in proximity with peers by being in daycare and preschool, which home care cannot provide. To cease this drawback, you may have to enroll the child up for classes or motivate the nanny for taking her to park on regular basis, to library at story hour, or on relevant outings to let her mingle with other kids.

Although nanny care is no more a luxury, buy it is still the most lavish form of childcare. In big cities, some parents even pay $700 a week or more - plus paid vacation, medical insurance and holidays.

For a live in arrangement you can go for a lesser payment, around a dollar or two for an hour. If the good nannies are the area's premium ones, you may have to increase her salary with perks like membership in gym or unlimited usage of a car.


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