Advantaged and disadvantages of daycare centers

Advantaged and disadvantages of daycare centers

What advantages are there in offer?

Daycare centers of infant schools are popular among parents because of the organized and well established environment. Inspection is conducted at the day care centers for licensing purpose. The caretakers can also be examined for proving their eligibility as a supervisor of the programs conducted. Also a director is there to check all the happenings going around.

"I never thought of it as an option for hiring a nanny on a day to day basis. The idea itself is very uncomfortable to me" said Noelle Haland, who works as a copy writer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has a 13 year old son, in daycare. She also explains why she finds it uncomfortable; she says that "handling and taking care of a child is a tough job, as a mother it drives me crazy, so there is no reason why a nanny should not feel the same way". She came to the conclusion of sending her son to daycare center.

Added advantage

These daycare centers follow a set of rules, which are not only meant for children but also for their parents, like parents have to follow the time schedule for pick up and also when to drop their kids. During this time parents among themselves can have a set of discussions regarding taking care of a child.

Another reason why guardians opt for daycare centers is because the arrangement provided by them iswell balanced and organized (in comparison to a nanny). These daycare centers manage to take good care of the baby irrespective of problems like non-availability of teachers, some teacher is feeling a little sick and tired. "Now I don't have to work as a babysitter, on days when my nanny can't manage to come because of sickness or any vacation plan" says Yvonne Matlosz a mom who has chosen a daycare center.

A good daycare center has well trained teachers those who understand your child's abilities and also where your child lacks. They are trained for this, so they know what techniques are going to be useful to enhance your child's qualities and manage the areas where the child lacks. In case if you can't find a good daycare center then keep the searches going.

Good daycare centers provide activities which are good combinations of different skills like storytelling, art and craft, dancing and also singing. A father of a three year old daughter says "I appreciate the different activities and projects that are conducted by the daycare centers, which helps to polish the qualities a child possess". Says Huber

He further adds that "The child is not only playing the entire day, but also learning new and different skills" Huber points out the fact that he is very happy to put his daughter Lindsay in a daycare center where he knows the projects she is doing. Says that "most of the projects or programs going around are a good balance of mix between right-and left-brain activities like block arranging, bean games, vinyl letters all these activities are carried around in a methodological and organized way".

A research conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development shows those children in daycare centers have intellectual development compared with those in other care centers. A test conducted on children in a good daycare center and children in other equally high center showed that the former group of children performed better.

Also most important fact is in a daycare center kids get to mix up with others of same age, which is not possible if you hire a nanny or a caretaker.

What are the possible disadvantages?

Major problem that has been identified is you are totally dependent on the daycare center. They can also charge you with extra fine for delay in pickups; you have to literally rush for a backup in holidays when the center is closed or when your baby is sick. There are also chances of a child may suffer from mild diseases like cough and cold, mild fever, allergy and infection as they are exposed to a lot of germs. Noelle Haland says "my child has started suffering from minor diseases after joining daycare center".

As a child you need a lot of attention, love and care which is not possible for a teacher in a daycare center handling four to five children at once. However a baby or a babysitter can give your child a lot of attention, love and care.

In a nut-shell

The fact that the quality of care and attention gets divided among children, but a good daycare center tries its best to maintain a healthy proportion between teacher-and-student. Also a good amount of teacher assists each other when needed.

Some important points suggested by the organization are:

The proportion should be like one caretaker for every three babies if it is a group of six, similarly one caretaker for every four children if it is a group of eight. According to NAEYC maximum number of children in a group should not exceed eight.

One caretaker for three in a group of six, which comes at a proportion of 1:4 for a group of eight, a proportion of 1:5 for a group of ten and a proportion of 1:6 for a group of 12. Child count in a group should not increase 12.

If a daycare center follows all these rules then it is accredited by NAEYC. These measures can also be useful while looking for a good daycare center.


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