10 steps to a healthy pregnancy

10 steps to a healthy pregnancy
  1. Make living foods at least 50% of your daily diet

    Inject loads of bio-available vitamins and minerals into your system by eating raw vegetables, fruits and nuts – organic if possible. The easiest way to do this is with fruit-n-veggie smoothies and delicious creative salads.

  2. Read the Ingredients EVERY time

    Avoid products with more than five ingredients or any ingredients you don’t recognize as they’re made with chemicals your baby and your digestive tract don’t need or want.

  3. Rally the troops support

    You can’t be expected to eat right while your partner laughs at your attempts to change your diet. Let your close family and friends know it's important for the baby's health - as well as yours, that the family start eating right.

  4. Get movin' every day

    Now – more than ever, is the time to incorporate a little physical exercise into your life. It can be as simple as a daily evening walk after dinner to help digest. We highly recommend yoga and swimming while pregnant!

  5. Eat happy healthy animals if you eat animals

    Many of America’s meat production companies raise sickly animals in inhumane conditions. For example, a great majority of the beef consumed in the USA comes from cows that are constantly ill (and given a regular dosing of antibiotics as a result) due to an unnatural sickness-inducing all-corn diet.

  6. Stick to water: skip soda, sweet teas, alcohol and juice

    If you simply must have flavor, try this neat trick: put 1/5th fresh juice into a full glass of sparkling water for a refreshing low-sugar drink!

  7. Trade in empty-calorie snacks for veggies-fruits-n-nuts

    We’re talking about those tasty evil food products (white bread, pasta, rice, french fries, cereals, chips, crackers, cookies, cakes, noodles, dumplings) that make your blood sugar levels spike - adding unnecessary fat to your ass, while failing to provide a lick of nutrition.

  8. Be smart when you cheat

    If you’re going to cheat and eat something unhealthy, try to do it with the best possible ingredients. Make your own desserts – that way you’ll know exactly what you’re eating! Never cheat without knowing what the ingredients are.

  9. Clean out the crap!

    The easiest way to fall back into unhealthy habits is at home when you’re tired and hungry and you start the hunt for that last little cheat snack. Thwart your inner fat-kid by cleaning all the unhealthy food products out of your house. Donate them, toss them or give them away to family or friends.

  10. Stick to the refrigerated aisles of meat, fresh produce and dairy

    Avoid the center aisles – anything that can sit on a shelf for months without rotting is not real food, it’s a food product stuffed to the gills with preservatives and chemicals your body and baby should never be exposed to.


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