5 easy nutritious snacks

5 easy nutritious snacks

Avoid processed snacks and fast-food which put you at risk for gestational diabetes and leave you hungry for more and fattening up like a prized piglet. Instead, choose high-grade fuel that nourishes you and your child, leaving you energized and sated.

  1. Almonds & raisins

    The raisins quickly stabilize blood-sugar levels while the almonds contain long-lasting energy in the form of protein and fats.

  2. Fruits & cheese

    Pair white cheddar, jack or your favorite cheese with apples, grapes or strawberries. The fruit stabilizes blood-sugar as the fat in the cheddar gives you some long-term energy.

  3. Ants on a log

    aka peanut butter on celery with the ant “raisins” marching across the peanut butter.

  4. Hard-or-soft boiled eggs

    Two eggs + salt-n-pepper fill you up just like that!

  5. Bag o’ baby carrots

    Crunch ‘em raw like a happy pregnant rabbit or steam lightly with a touch of salt.


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