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Military Families

by: official xbox smasher 26294 posts | 917586 views | Jun 19th '09
Last Post: Hello!  Its been about four years since I have been ...

Sneak Peak DNA

by: Jess081316 0 posts | 101 views | Jul 27th
Last Post: Has anyone ever done this? I just ordered my kit, and ...

Ramzi theory?

by: Jess081316 1 posts | 209 views | Jul 23rd
Last Post: Was wrong for me, was told girl, I 100% had a ...

Left my kids dad...

by: Bella Louise 0 posts | 427 views | Jul 11th
Last Post: So my boyfriend,  ex, whatever, we were together for ...

For separated parents

by: -Christina- 1 posts | 1004 views | Jun 1st
Last Post: We have continued our court ordered visitation

Ramzi Method

by: Lundeeezy 1 posts | 1206 views | May 19th
Last Post:


by: Lundeeezy 0 posts | 1142 views | May 19th
Last Post: Imagine isn’t uploading I’m gonna try again later ...


by: Sabrina Justine 0 posts | 985 views | May 14th
Last Post: .

Line spotters again please!

by: Jess081316 0 posts | 1353 views | Apr 23rd
Last Post: My eyes are horrible. I think I see a faint second ...

Breastfeeding and taking antibiotics

by: --Mommie C 2 posts | 1226 views | Apr 22nd
Last Post: Thank you so muchalso How long after or before taking ...

Line spotters!

by: Jess081316 0 posts | 844 views | Apr 19th
Last Post: Ok so my SO reminds me I have bad eyes lol but I SWEAR ...

Flu like symptoms 4dpo help!

by: Jess081316 0 posts | 736 views | Apr 13th
Last Post: Hi mamas. So we are ttc and this is the first time I ...

Where to get affordable bridesmaid dresses?

by: Rhythm 3 posts | 462 views | Apr 10th
Last Post: You can also find many wedding accessories here for ...