25 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 25 fetus
length ~ 13.5 in  |  34 cm     weight ~ 1.5 lbs  |  680 g   /   To turn or not to turn...

Fetal development in week 25

Your little grower’s physical proportions are pretty much birth-ready and most of their remaining development will largely be weight gain and a ton of nervous system development.

The good news is: if your child were to be born premature, they’d likely survive without much trauma as their lungs started producing “surfactant” last week, which means their tiny respiratory system is getting stronger with each passing day.

Yes, now’s a good time for a minor sigh of relief and a quick pat on the back. All that hard work and conscientious living is really getting your child prepared for a healthy delivery.

In mobile-fetus news: your baby should be scootching slowly out of the breech position (head upright, with their butt-n-legs down by your pelvis) and start rotating around for a head-first exit through the birth canal.

If all goes well, and your little womb hi-jacker isn't a contrary one, they'll be locked-n-loaded in the next few weeks!

Time is short (or really long, depending on who you ask) — just (still!) 14 weeks left before you can go back to being a single-resident human... with one tiny brand-spankin' new family member!

And how's mom doing?

Trimester two is nearly over, which means you have that one epic-sized final stretch of pregnancy to enjoy (and suffer through)!

Speaking of epic, you’re obviously carrying more weight now and your back is undoubtedly letting you know in more and less painful ways.

Make an effort to practice good posture to alleviate some of the back fatigue. If you didn't notice yet: slouching is actually harder on your back!

Hot baths are the simplest (and loveliest) way to alleviate the many aches associated with being a human pod. And don't worry about the temperature (no matter what your grandma says) - as long as you're not burning yourself, your body will be able to regulate the temperature in your womb.

Clearly, it is past time to strong arm someone who loves you into giving you a massage. Or if you're lucky enough to have the extra bucks, head to a spa that specializes in pregnancy massages and get the full-treatment!

Did You Know?

One of the most common reason couples cut back on sex during pregnancy is a fear that they might somehow hurt the baby. Unless you pregnancy is a difficult one with lots of bed-rest or you have excessively violent sex it is nearly impossible to hurt the fetus via normal sexual practices. Your baby is safely cushioned in their cozy little amniotic fluid-filled sac.
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