23 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 23 fetus
length ~ 11.4 in  |  29 cm     weight ~ 1 lb  |  450 g   /   Singin' in the womb!

Fetal development in week 23

Your little womb hi-jacker is starting to kick their break-dance party up a notch now that his/her ears are registering sounds from the outside world!

The sound of a phone ringing (or that catchy ring tone), a thunder clap, or a car honking will actually jar their little ears enough to elicit a kick or violent bout of squirming.

More importantly, this means that their little ears are picking up the sounds of your voice and others around you.

So, if you've been yelling a lot (and really, who doesn't get cranky when they're pregnant?) it's time to reign that in and practice a little self restraint for the sake of your little eavesdropper, who is becoming more exquisitely sensitive to all of your behaviors every day.

The equation is simple: happy healthy mama = happy healthy baby.

Stress during pregnancy is quite literally BAD for your baby's developing brain. It's time to clean out the toxic relationships and situations in your life for your sake and your child's sake.

Take the time to center and be quiet - to reflect on the growing life inside of you and the future you will share together. Read up on infant development and attachment to start preparing yourself for the first time you meet your child.

And how's mom doing?

If no one's ever warned you about the joys of the pregnancy-sleep-challenge, you’re probably starting to discover them yourself.

The good news: some very thoughtful people invented pillows specifically designed to give a pregnant woman a better chance of sleeping through the night. If you do buy a pregnancy pillow, make sure to keep the receipt as some women still have problems sleeping and fare better with their own uniquely crafted pillow set-up.

The bad news: these magical pillows won't stop you from needing to pee three times every night.

Even if you don't have extra money to blow on special pregnancy pillows: you can achieve a more comfortable sleep by using additional pillows or folded blankets, under your belly and between your legs.

Are you remembering to drink lots of fluids?

Plenty of good ol’ fashioned H20 (water) keeps your baby in clean amniotic fluid and reduces swelling in your poor ankles and feet.

The oh-so sexy pregnancy-induced swollen cankles are a result of the weight of your baby + uterus + amniotic fluid pressing on your pelvic veins, thereby slowing fluid circulation to the lower half of your body, which causes water retention.

To reduce undue cankle-age avoid sitting for long periods of time — and for the hundredth time: don’t forget to stay active!

Drinking loads of water is also good for your little swimmer as dehydration is frequently connected with premature birthing.

Yep, it’s a lot of responsibility, but you can do it! You’re almost two-thirds of the way there already! Keep up the good work mom!

Did You Know?

Fewer than five percent of women give birth on their assigned due-date. What’s more, the actual duration of labor is another area where expectations, especially for first-time pregnancy don’t play out in reality. For example, many women believe their labor will last between eight to 12 hours, but it’s entirely plausible that a first labor can last 24 hours or more
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