14 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 14 fetus
length ~ 3.5 in  |  8.9 cm     weight ~ 1.5 oz  |  42 g   /   I can dance if I want to!

Fetal development in week 14

Now that we're in tri-two, are you ready to rock-n-roll?! Okay, okay, maybe just a little waltz will suffice, seeing as you're in a family way and looking like you need a nap.

At about 3.5 inches long, your peach-sized baby's little body and limber limbs are coordinated enough for loads of complicated motions.

In fact, it's very likely that they're in the middle of some fancy break-dance moves right now!

Unfortunately, you're not going to feel their fancy moves until sometime after week 18 because they're still too small to trigger sensations in your uterus. Their movements are recognizable on an ultrasound, though.

Speaking of which - you could schedule a gender ultrasound with your health care provider, if you're interested in knowing whether you're carrying a boy or a girl break-dancer. Or you can keep it a surprise till their birthday!

FYI: Weeks 16 - 18 are the first dates where the presence or lack of a penis and testicles can be clearly detected via ultrasound.

Your baby is also starting to develop the ability to move their eyes this week, although their eyelids remain fused shut for another three months.

Cute development of the week: their little hands can grasp at things and your wee babe can already suck their thumb!

And how's mom doing?

The forecast for your second trimester is in and we've got a heavy concentration of developing fetal movement, which will increase in magnitude and frequency throughout the second trimester before subsiding in the third trimester as womb-space becomes significantly more limited. Most women report enjoying their second trimester the most of the three: the morning sickness is gone, you definitely feel and look pregnant, but you’re not yet an overstuffed-lumbering-mammoth woman

Most women report enjoying their second trimester the most of the three: the morning sickness is gone, you definitely feel and look pregnant, but you're not yet an overstuffed-lumbering-mammoth woman. If you think you've got gas or some kind of bubbling weird bowel obstruction right now, it might actually be your little one shakin' their tiny booty!

Regarding your ride on the same lame symptom train: you may experience some - if not all, of the following symptoms to varying degrees: dizziness, light headedness and headache and/or back pain as your baby's weight and size increases.

Both the dizziness and light-headedness are due to the increased work-load on your heart as your body increases its blood production and circulation in order to keep you and the baby alive and growing. The more active you stay and the better you eat, the less you're likely to suffer from these issues.

Unfortunately, no matter how healthy you are, if you're starting to experience back pain, it will most likely increase as you and your grow-a-holic baby gain more weight towards the end of the trimester.

For now, try stretching using a modified downward dog pose to open up your spine and relieve tension.

Back pain while sleeping/laying down is usually alleviated by heating pads and multiple pillows (put one or two between your legs). There are also some pretty amazing full body pregnancy pillows you can purchase online.

Goooo team go!

Did You Know?

If you're genetically prone to stretch marks (e.g. you already have some elsewhere), it’s unlikely you’ll prevent them during pregnancy. Stretch marks occur when your skin grows too fast and the skin fibers are torn, leaving purple indented scars which will fade with time. Your best bet is keeping your skin very elastic with creams that contain cocoa butter, vitamin E or sweet almond oil.
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