13 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy week 13 fetus
length ~ 3 in  |  7.6 cm     weight ~ 1 oz  |  28 g   /   Farewell first trimester...

Fetal development in week 13

Buckle up folks, we're about to head into trimester two!

Your little womb tenant is getting bigger and smarter every day! Their skin is paper-thin and rather see-through, showing off all their shiny new functioning and still-developing organs.

Their sense of taste and smell are more developed and refined while their cozy amniotic sac continues to increase in size and mass and fill with more fluid.

As we embark on the second trimester, it's time for your manatee-to-alien-to-tiny-weird-human to evolve into monkey baby!

Little hairs, known as lanugo, will start to cover your baby's body this week, which will eventually be shed some time after birth.

Of all the trimesters, this one has been the most critical to ensuring your baby's development is on the right track.

If you've carefully adopted a healthy diet, continued to stay active, and made sure you're getting all the rest you need, you've got your little one set up for some spectacular growth and development in tri-two! Way to go, mama!

And how's mom doing?

Congratulations on a successful first trimester! A lot has happened, but baby, you ain't seen nothing yet!If you're having trouble staying away from any of your old addictions, make sure you get your partner & family's support.

If you've started cleaning up your diet and restricting your intake of crap (read: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, junk food, empty carbs (pasta, chips) & fast food), give yourself a pat on the back and a gold star, because you're doing an excellent job!

Yep, no thanks to the addictive qualities of all of the above, giving up most of that crap isn't particularly easy or fun.

If you're having trouble staying away from any of your old addictions, make sure you get your partner and family's support. Let them know how important it is that you give your baby the best building blocks while in the womb. Ask that they support you & your baby by not offering them to you or bringing it into your house.

And even if you did relapse into bad behavior at any time over the past 13 weeks, don’t dwell on it—there’s still so much to look forward to!

Besides, now is the perfect time to re-dedicate yourself if you've had a few lapses. Remember, every day and decision is an opportunity to improve your life habits. Your baby and your body will both thank you in the long run.

If you’re the planning type, you can celebrate the beginning of your next trimester by purchasing some choice maternity clothing to fit your elegantly evolving new shape.

Cruise the online stores for a preview of the range of fashion out there for pregnant women—even if the local shops are still stuck in frumpy grandma-land, you can always hit up some chi-chi online store based out of NYC!

If you’d rather wait a few more weeks (until you really start to show) before making any purchases, then just opt for more comfy loose fitting clothes. At the very least, just unbutton that top button on your favorites that still “sort of fit”.

Come on, you’re pregnant! This is definitely not the time to suffer for fashion!

Did You Know?

About 50% of pregnant woman are affected by “pregnancy gingivitis”, which is essentially yet another negative response to the increased levels of hormones. The increase in progesterone levels causes your gums to react more to the bacteria in plaque. This, as well as the increased blood supply in your mouth, can lead to increased gum sensitivity and bleeding. Prevention is easy: daily flossing and brushing.
Week 13 cartoon