Your 9 month old baby

The ninth month can show a lot of growth in your baby's social and communication skills. Babies will recognize their own names, will start understanding your body language and gestures a lot more, and they'll become experts at talking gibberish, hey may even form their own simple language, by using a syllable of a particular word and repeating it, such as "dada" for dad.

Your baby during this month

  • Dances when they hear music.
  • Points at people or things they're interested in.
  • Throws a toy then look for it, this means your baby is curious about how they can affect the physical world around them.
  • Tries to eat without your help, they'll make a mess of it, but they'll learn not to someday.
  • Starts doing small requests, such as handing you over an object they're holding.
  • Plays with small pieces of food by using their thumb and index finger

These skills are general guidelines, but babies develop them at a different pace from one another, so refrain from getting over-worried if your baby hasn't caught up to this list. If you're worried or concerned about your baby's rate at development, you should talk to your doctor.

Tips for you during this month

Since your baby will try hard to verbally express herself, you should praise and cheer when they do so. Let your baby ask you for a toy you're holding or food you're planning to feed them. Singing, talking, and dancing are also very encouraged, make sure you smile and clap if necessary to show positive reinforcement when breakthroughs happen.

Go out to dinner with your baby, there are a lot of family restaurants you can go to. Talk with some new moms to find good places, you can also find a lot of restaurants that aim for family friendliness. Make sure to be ready with the essential stuff you'll need to look after your baby, but don't get too many unnecessary things.

Avoid restaurant's busy hours, call ahead if necessary. A lot of noise and racket can upset your baby. If upset, try focusing the baby's attention on her favorite toy or take her out for a walk. You don't have to wait for your baby to cause a scene and get embarrassed by having all eyes upon your table and judging you.

Going out is a time to have fun and enjoy yourselves. So stay flexible, if your baby's too upset to go out, you can always grab a take-away. If the restaurant's too crowded, try another one.

Did You Know?

Babies start communicating and socializing in an unprecedented way in the ninth month, they'll be able to recognize their own names, and the names of others close to them, and things or toys they hold dear. Not to mention they'll start interpreting your body language and voice tone a lot more. And the gibberish is terrible cute! They'll get accustomed to pronouncing a syllable and start repeating it all the time.

Make sure you encourage their communication behavior, smile or reward them, r clap if necessary. Let them ask you for a toy or food when they want some.

Ask your friends who also have babies, where is a good place to grab the family and go out to eat, there are a lot of family friendly restaurants out there, don't go at peak hours, and get the essential stuff so you're not overwhelmed with a million things to carry with you.

Above all stay flexible, if your baby's too upset, you can always grab a take-away. If the restaurant's too crowded, try another one. This should be a fun time for the family, so don't force activities if they aren't working, instead try again another time.