Your 8 month old baby

When your baby's eight months old, he'll keep focusing on moving around, you'll notice how flexible he's growing. They usually go through a phase of moving around while crawling, some may pass through the phase quickly though and start walking. Soon though they'll have the ability of pull themselves up and standing.

Your baby during this month

  • Lifts arms to ask somebody to pick them up Grow better arm muscles and use their arms to bang and hit objects together.
  • Uses the tongue better when trying to pronounce words.
  • Uses neck muscles to reach for the spoon when you feed them.
  • Rejects food when full.

These are general guidelines to what your baby should be able to do. Babies grow skills differently from one another, so it's important to be patient. Talk to your doctor if you have worries or concerns regarding their development.

Tips for you during this month

Babies in this age start looking differently at objects than they used to, in fact some start using different skills together. Their agility will keep on evolving, right to the point where you can lend them a cup or a spoon for food. It'll usually start really messy, as do all activities, but the more a baby or a person does something, the better that person becomes at it. So don't mind the mess, and have fun watching your baby put food all over their faces until they start getting better at feeding themselves.

You may be considering getting back to work, maybe your finances aren't as good as you would have hoped, or you miss having a career, even though you're very deeply attached to your baby, you still feel you're missing a vital part of your life.

Either way, it's always wise to plan, and to make the change in lifestyle as seamless and easy as possible. First thing is first, you can't leave your baby alone while you're working, so you'll want to look into different baby care centers, or caregivers. And realize that your baby will be heavily influenced at this age by the environment, people, and development that are to take place there.

If the conditions are to your liking, then you'll have nothing to worry about, as the baby will most probably benefit more from meeting and forming bonds with new people than she will at home. And don't worry about losing the bond with your baby, as that's impossible, particularly if you have quality time together after work.

Nannies are the expensive option, but depending on your situation, they could be the ideal one. Just remember to make the necessary research on the person that will share your home, have a couple of interviews, and watch how the nanny deals with your baby - if this option suits your taste but not your budget, then consider sharing a caregiver with another family.

There is both licensed and unlicensed family based care, differences between the two vary between cost and qualification. So depending on your budget and good judgment, you'll be able to decide which can work for your baby.

Remember that your baby won't be fully ready for such a change, as babies get used to parents taking care of them 24/7. You can however smooth the transition by actually being present with the caregiver, nanny, or baby care center in the first few days, and gradually spending less time there until your baby is comfortable with the new people or environment. This will also be a good excuse for you to feel comfortable about leaving your baby with strangers, as you watch different people care for your baby differently, you'll either gradually be assured of their professionalism, or you'll find that they're not the right people for the job, and choose someone else to do it.

Did You Know?

Flexibility and movement will be your baby's main attributes in the eighth month. While most are crawling at this stage, some will pass through this phase quickly and start walking, while others will take their time, it really doesn't matter too much at this point as long as they keep moving around. Getting up to stand is a common trial for most babies at this point.

Dexterity is another attribute they'll have evolved in, you can try giving them a spoon and teach them to feed themselves independently, just have patience as this process can become extremely messy, especially at first. Skills need time and patience to grow, and this will be very important to understand as your baby develops different skills as they grow.

Do you miss your career? Is the financial situation at home a bit too demanding? In either way, you'll want to consider getting back to work. But leaving your baby is an issue, so you'll have to figure out which nanny, caregiver, nursery, or baby care center to choose for your baby while you're at work. It's also a good idea to spend time with your baby there so that you can trust that your baby is safe and learning new things while you're at work, and so your baby won't have a hard time adjusting to the sudden change in lifestyle, people around him, and the environment in which she lives.