Your 7 month old baby

The seventh month is usually a very energetic one for babies, they want to explore and do everything, and do so independently. Their physical growth will continue to increase, they'll roll around, and some may begin to crawl, while others may even try to stand while they're sitting down. They'll probably start becoming more comfortable sitting without any support, for a little time.

Your baby during this month

  • Stretches their body further.
  • Gets sad if somebody takes their toys away.
  • Tries to form words by using random syllables.

Babies tend to develop and grow skills at different paces, so there's no need to worry if your baby hasn't met these expectations. You could always ask a doctor if you're worried about your baby's rate at evolving these abilities.

Tips for you during this month

Games and toys have the advantage of stimulating your baby's mind to learn and work more easily, below are a few ideas you can use to help cultivate for your baby the thinking power he'll need as he grows older. Be careful with the toys you give you baby, some may have small part which your baby might accidentally swallow. The more fun the baby has while playing, the more attention he'll devote to the game. So work with your baby with both patience and awareness, and most importantly, have fun!

  • Get the baby toys that need them to use their hands or arms
  • Listen with the baby to classical music
  • Get toys or games that have music in them
  • Use games the inspire language; rhyming games are of particular interest to babies
  • Play peek-a-boo

It's easy to become overwhelmed with your new life as a mum, maybe you feel like you lost touch with who you were before you became a mum, it's important not to keep feeling this way for too long a time, here are some tips you'll benefit from to maybe focus more on your career, or just taking a break you thoroughly need.

  • Don't jump in every time your baby cries a little at night, you just have to give them a bit of time and space and they'll fall back asleep on a few occasions. Eventually they'll learn to sleep through the entire night (if they haven't already).
  • Ask your partner to help out. Things can get done much faster when two people are working on it.
  • Cook quick and healthy meals that don't need a lot of groceries to shop for, and don't need much time or effort to prepare.
  • Find ways to enjoy your time while feeding your baby, you can put on some soft music you like, or listen to an audio book.
  • Don't get into too many social events on weekends, focus on spending time with the family. And if you have some friends over, don't worry too much about your home being spotless clean.
  • Take a nice warm bubble bath to relax and forget the world for a bit.
  • Use the answering machine; you'll have the option to select which calls you want to take which can wait for you later, and which to ignore.
  • Baby-sit for your friends. If they have a baby, you two can decide to baby-sit for each other, that way you'll have some time on your own, and you'll let your baby meet other people and watch how they behave, and learn as a result. Some babies may become friends with other babies later on.
  • Go out with your partner to dinner, just like old times, just the two of you.
  • Take a day for your pleasure, have your spouse watch over the baby on a Saturday, or get a trusted baby-sitter. Do whatever you feel like doing! You deserve it...

Did You Know?

Babies are particularly active in the seventh month, they are highly curious and want to do everything on their own without much help. They'll start rolling around, crawling around, and sitting without support for the backs for a bit. Some will even try standing up!

Try stimulating their learning by giving them games and toys, you'll notice that your baby will get better at the activities that are fun, and will give those activities more attention than others.

You on the other hand will want to get in touch with your old self again, to help you out, we've come up with a few tips:

  • Babies are restless when sleeping, so don't barge in when you hear them utter a sound, they'll sometimes go back to sleep, and soon they'll get used to sleeping the entire night.
  • Ask your husband or friends and family for help when you need it.
  • Cook fast and healthy meals that don't need much grocery shopping.
  • You can find different ways of enjoying yourself while you feed your baby.
  • Keep weekends relaxed and without too many appointments or social events.
  • Take a nice warm bubble bath occasionally.
  • Baby-sit for your friends, and have them baby-sit for you.
  • Hire a baby-sitter and go out with your partner, just like old times.