Your 6 month old baby

When six months old, your baby will start becoming more and more active, muscles will particularly grow, and the energy levels will increase dramatically. They'll want to move around a lot more, and a few babies will start sitting without the need to support their backs, and their hands legs, fingers, and toes will be able to handle more weight and their overall dexterity will evolve. This is also the time when you want to get your baby the necessary vaccinations, so talk to your doctor to make sure your baby has taken the vaccination needed, and is on schedule on this issue. Otherwise schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Your baby during this month

  • Talks gibberish to get your attention, using both vowels and consonants.
  • Recognizes themselves in the mirror and watch their facial expressions and body movements.
  • Improves motor skills and is able to do more complicated tasks using their hands.
  • Becomes worried when you're not around as they become aware of being separate people.
  • Puts everything in their mouth, because the mouth has the most nerve endings, and this is just their way of learning about the environment around them.

These are general developmental guidelines that are not without individual variation. All babies are unique and develop skills differently from one another. If you're concerned about your baby's developmental growth in any way, talk to your doctor.

Tips for you during this month

Being a mom is exhilarating, it's one of life's most valued experiences, but it is sometimes a hassle juggling between your career and your baby, so here are 10 tips to help you in just that:

  • Pinpoint time wasters: As we grow, some habits that waste our time may grow with us, it's important to realize that by avoiding spending hours on Facebook, buying all your groceries from one grocery store, letting the mailman deliver your mail instead of going to the post office, and keeping track of any other time-wasting activities, you'll have more time to do the things that matter to you most.
  • Sleep well, because if you don't, you'll be slower to respond and act the next day. If you feel like your energy is dropping, ask your partner or a close friends to watch the baby for a bit, they'll appreciate the bonding time, and you'll appreciate the rest of the day when you're awake again.
  • Make your chores simpler, prepare a large meal and put the left-overs in the freezer, buy clothes that don't get wrinkled, or get your groceries on the phone or online.
  • No need to be perfectly clean, babies have a lot of energy, and you generally don't want to repress their energy, so it's okay if a little ketchup or juice falls on their clothes, it's alright if the house isn't spotless. Don't start living n your own garbage, but know that perfectionism won't help you relax or tend to your baby or career needs any better.
  • Multi-task, do several activities or chores at the same time, it may be a bit hard for you at first, but have some courage, you'll soon get the hang of it.
  • Ask your husband or friends for help, it's okay to need help, even if you can handle the tasks to be done but just need a break from it all. Having a bit of outside help now and then will do good for the family in general, and allow your baby to talk with different people, and expand their social circle.
  • Stay calm, sure babies may get sick, or you may have visitors unexpectedly, or the car might break down, or the medical bills might turn up, it's important to expect the unexpected and stay calm, realize that things in life can get out of control at times, and being angry about it isn't going to change anything, but having a more balanced and clear perspective towards life will help you a lot.
  • Organize your tasks, it's important to figure out which person can do which tasks the best, and to have other members of the household do the same.
  • Hire a nanny if your family or friends aren't able to help you out when needed. But if it doesn't happen too often, a baby-sitter might be a better idea.
  • Stay positive, life is like a roller-coaster and being able to laugh through the ups and downs will make that ride a lot more exciting and entertaining.

Did You Know?

At six months of age, babies get more dynamic, with their muscles development happening and their energy soaring, they'll naturally love moving around more, and some babies will be able to sit without supporting their backs for a little while. They'll grow agile and flexible and be able to carry more weight than they used to.

While being a mom can be the most satisfying job in your life, you might be considering giving some time to your career again, and it's difficult for a mom whose primary concern is with making her baby grow up the best way. But a few tips can help buy you more time so you can do the things you value more; name activities that waste your time and remove them altogether if necessary, sleep well, work on making chores simpler, don't be a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning up the house or your baby's clothes(for when they drop chocolate or ketchup…), multi-task, ask your partner or close friends for help (it's okay), stay cool when something unpredictable happens, stay organized, and hire a baby-sitter or a nanny if the situation demands it.