Your 4 month old baby

The fourth month is full of new sounds from your baby, who'll learn to create all sorts of noises, squeals, sounds, and giggles - a conscious trial at communicating with you. Your baby will even start practicing the same sounds over and over again. Soon, they'll be able to figure out that people and things have names, which will help them express themselves in the future using words.

Your baby during this month

  • Try out different sounds.
  • Have legs that can allow a bit of weight.
  • Reply to you by making sounds.
  • Follow moving objects with their eyes.
  • Get up using their arms while lying on their tummies, and look around.
  • Grab objects close by.
  • Shriek and laugh with amusement.

These skills are generally correct, but some may vary. Don't worry as all babies are unique in the pace at which they learn different skills. You should however consult your doctor if you're worried about the rate at which they're growing up.

Tips for you during this month

Repeat names of people or things that your baby seems interested in, the repetition helps your baby learn.

Help your baby move around by putting her on the ground over a blanket. Also show your baby how they can sit up. It's also recommended to give the baby brightly colored toys, or small baby books so she can look at and grab. Stimulating the senses is still important in this time. Remember to talk to your doctor about the second vaccination requirements, it's very important for your baby to take the second set of vaccines.

A woman's body changes after pregnancy, and it changes in different ways for different women. While dieting is clearly no option when you're breastfeeding, having a bit of control of the food you eat, and introducing physical exercises to your daily routine can help your body tone at a balanced and sensible rate. Here are a few ways you can start toning your body again:

  • Start eating healthier, clean out your cupboards and refrigerator from junk and fatty foods, and start replacing them with vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious foods.
  • Eat a variety of foods every day.
  • Don't skip a meal, studies show that people who don't skip breakfast or other meals have a tendency to have a healthier body and be more fit than people who don't.
  • Include fruits and vegetables in every meal
  • Diminish the fat in your food
  • Eat foods full of fiber and protein, such as fish, seafood, poultry, meat, eggs, legumes, dairy products, nuts, whole-grain breads, fruits, vegetables, etc...

Make exercise a natural part of your routine, because not even the best diet can make up for regular exercise. And while there are activities such as aerobics, swimming, cycling, or hiking, there are simpler ways you can get the exercise you need without sacrificing big chunks of your day every day to do it.

  • Walk instead of driving, or go for a jog.
  • Instead of taking the elevator, walk up the stairs.
  • Walk with your baby stroller.
  • Go with other moms to the gym.
  • Do kegel exercises and tighten your tummy by pulling it in for five seconds each time, when you're doing activities such as showering or brushing your teeth, or waiting in line.
  • Do aerobic exercises after you check with your doctor for when it is safe. Aim for the exercises that challenge the areas of your body that need the most attention, but make sure to have a full body workout nevertheless.

Did You Know?

Squeals, sounds, giggles, and baby noises are a gift generally given to you by your baby on the fourth month. Babies are aware that they're expressing those sounds, which makes it all the more exciting. Babies usually start practicing sounds at this time, and they'll start to understand that different people nd things have names, so keep on talking to them and naming important people or things to your baby by pronouncing and articulating short simple words.

You can place your baby on a blanket and help them move around, show them how they could sit up. Remember to keep finding new ways to stimulate their senses, and give them soft toys which are vividly colored to hold or play with.

Even though you're probably short on time, try to make exercise part of your daily routine, dieting is not enough to keep you healthy and looking your best. Walk, run, do aerobics, swim, or hike and climb - or find different ways you can tone your body without giving a big part of the day to do it.