Your 12 month old baby

Most babies have developed the art of affection when they turn 1, some will be able to kiss and hug you when you ask them, but will be hesitant to do that with strangers. They might fear strangers and become confused about how they should act in front of them, your confidence and help will be of much value here in helping them cultivate confidence as they get older.

Your baby during this month

  • Become attached to a teddy bear or a blanket or pillow.
  • Look at pictures with curiosity and perspective.
  • Use words that have more than one syllable.
  • Mimic animal sounds.
  • Become more confident and explore areas where you aren't around.
  • Begin to walk steadily.
  • Start picking up small pieces of food using a thumb and finger.

While some babies develop certain skills faster or slower than others, it's important for you stay patient, address any concerns or worries to your doctor on your baby's developing progress.

Tips for you during this month

Give your baby much-needed attention, commend her deeds and give her objects and books to further nurture her mind. It's also important to carry on naming things and teaching how the words are correctly pronounced by setting a good example.

Taking a vacation with baby can be both challenging and fun. To make sure it's more fun than challenge, plan well before the trip. Here are 10 tips to improve your fun factor!

  • Take the trip preferably while the baby is sleeping, at a late time, you'll probably be in a less busy plane, and the flight attendants will tailor to your needs faster and with better care.
  • Also go to restaurants on odd times, having the food faster will make sure your baby won't get all grumpy and cranky.
  • Don't overload the trip with a million activities, allow some time for the baby to relax.
  • Ask for seats better suiting for moms and babies.
  • Don't overload on stuff when you're travelling, it's tempting not to take it all, but you're going to have to fight off that temptation and just bring the essentials.
  • Most hotels can give you a nice little crib for your baby, if you're going to see family, have them try to find a crib for your baby, to avoid having to carry the thing.
  • The same rule applies to restaurants, if you're going to a family friendly restaurant, you'll most probably have a baby-chair available, you can call the restaurant and check to make sure first.
  • Bring medications, clothes, milk bottles, safe wholesome snacks, and your baby's favorite toys and books.
  • Check out each room you have to put your baby in for safety measures, and remove any hazardous items that your baby might reach or drop by mistake.
  • Dress your baby in comfortable clothing to keep her from getting cranky or grumpy.

Did You Know?

Your baby has just turned 1 year of age, and is now affectionate. Some will give you a hug or a kiss when you ask them, though some are hesitant when strangers ask them. Strangers to them are of particular interest, as they won't know how to act or respond with them as they are yet unacquainted, but your help and poise in this area will be instrumental in growing their confidence when they're older.

Keep giving your baby the attention they so desperately need. Let them know when they've done something good, and give them books or objects to further cultivate their minds. It's still a good idea to focus on the language, and the art of pronouncing words both articulately and accurately.

If you're planning on taking a trip to visit family, this could be a great idea that will make distant family members and your family at home happy. So plan well to make the trip fun and relaxed...