5 Reasons sex after baby is different.

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So, you've just given to birth to a beautiful life. Wonderful pooping, puking, eating, crying life. It can take time to get back to 'you' after all the work your body has been put through. Like many mothers, I find that sex after a baby can be quite challenging. Here are the reasons why.

1. You still have extra baby weight! You don't feel sexy, so how are you suppose to get sexy? You've got jiggles in places you never had, stretch marks all over and big, weird b**bs. Yeah, let's get frisky!


2. Sex feels different! Your body may be getting back to normal, but your lady parts are lagging behind. You may have needed stitches. You aren't able to lubricate yourself as well as you use to. It might just plain hurt! 


3. You just can't find the time. You've got a fussy, needy baby, your house is a wreck and you haven't slept in 3 days. The only screaming going on in your bedroom is from the baby and quite frankly, it's exhausting! Who has time for sex?? It becomes another chore that simply isn't getting done.


4. You have absolutely no desire to get busy yet. Your partner may be ready, but you've still got raging hormones and your libido is struggling to get it together. It can be hard to just find the mood again.


5. You are breastfeeding! Your b**bs are sore practically all day and they're leaking just as much as they're producing! Your nipples hurt like hell and at the end of a long day, the last thing you want is someone touching those poor things. You're afraid to accidentally touch them yourself!


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shelli owens Mar 22nd '15

Well first baby on the way thankyou for telling me what I should expect haha

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HappyVelfi Jun 18th '15

This article does not really stimulate to reproduce... Why would not we post the positives? For example, lots of women start having first orgasms during the process after having first child. I need smth more inspiring, please.

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