A New Unknown World

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Hey Everyone!!

I haven't blogged in 3 months and so much has happened since then! Well we are currently still waiting on my son’s Autism diagnosis all of his therapist and his dr. say its Autism but waiting on a formal diagnosis. We have started ECI (early childhood intervention) and it is not going so well. My son is terrified of anybody who attempts to talk to him or interact with him in any way.

He was approved for 5 different therapy interventions so far and we have 10 therapy appointments a month as of right now! Watching my baby go through these sessions break my heart, it is all for his own good but he is so upset the entire time they are here, he clings to me and won’t let me go! The therapist interact with him and try to get him to talk and it really frustrates Blaze because he wants to communicate and he just can’t form words to tell us what he wants. Most sessions are spent with him clinging to me and screaming!

I would love to say I have a awesome support system going through all of this but the truth is I really don’t. My husband and my mom know something is wrong and they try to help but they just really don’t know how to handle him, not even his daddy. My husband works 12hrs a day so he isn’t really home to figure out how to interact and handle Blaze’s outburst and violence, so he usually just ends up losing his temper and leaving the room leaving me to handle him.

The rest of my family that I am really close to just refuse to believe anything could be wrong with their precious little boy he’s the first boy in the family in 16 years so in their eyes nothing could possibly be wrong. Blaze is obviously perfect in my eyes as well he is very sweet and a special little boy that just perceives the world differently and we have to get to his level and start learning the way he learns. 115ac6e3967d59e3f1cb5d31bdac03c6.JPG

It really is a unknown world when you step into the world of Autism because it is such a wide spectrum from mild all the way to severe and every child with Autism is another child with Autism their symptoms vary so much but they all have Autism. Blaze is in a moderate level as of right now because he is non verbal, but he is learning to speak better and better so hopefully we will hop down to a mild level soon! It is just a crazy world for me, somewhere I have never been and never thought I would have to go…

The biggest thing that has got to me with this Autism journey so far is the reaction of strangers out in public…. yes he has meltdowns in public, and he freaks out if somebody touches his head (which everybody wants to do because of his long blond hair) and yes he will scream if anybody says hi to him…He can’t help it and I know I shouldn’t have to explain my special son but I find myself doing it a lot because so many people look down on me as a mother when he is having a violent meltdown in public. We take cups and other things for him to stack because that seems to calm him down; it puts him in his own world where he doesn’t notice everybody in the store. I also have 2 songs on my phone that will usually stop meltdowns if I catch them early enough so those have been lifesavers. I just don’t like people judging me or my son on things we can’t help….db11f63cc184700f5ebb8eff5d2f5c42.jpg

Autism has sent me on a whirlwind that I was definitely not expecting but to be honest I wouldn’t change my son for anything! He is perfect in everyway and I love him so much! Until next time bye guys!!c33e673c29a1ca7e5597c6bd4e414d6e.JPG

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Gayle Jesus Martinez Apr 17th '15

I know exactly how u feel