Mud, guts and glory.

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Last Saturday, I completed the Tough Mudder in Pittsburgh/Ohio Valley. What an amazing experience it was!!

For months prior, I made sure to run several miles at a time, sometimes adding in kickboxing and better eating habits. I wasn't sure how prepared I was going to be for it. The course was 10.1 miles long with 18 obstacles. My goal was to complete or at least attempt each obstacle, finish the challenge and not break any bones.

It took 6 hours, and we had a small team of 3, but we made it happen. I completed 16 obstacles. The monkey bars, I tried, but stopped and went back after a few, feeling like my arms were going to collapse. Another obstacle I didn't complete was one with parallel bars at your side, that you walked up with your hands, keeping your arm stiff. I got about 25% of the way and my arms collapsed and I fell to the mud.

But, I broke no bones!! And, I completed the course! It was such an incredible feeling!

Some of the obstacles we had were:

Arctic Enema: jumping into a dumpster full of ice, at 35 degrees, swimming under a board and climbing out
Balls to the wall: Climbing a wall using a rope with knots
Electroshock Therapy: running through mud and hay bales with wires hanging down all over, zapping you with 10,000 volts
Pyramid Scheme: an angled wall approximately 20 feet high you must climb up using other people stacked up like a pyramid
Kiss of mud: climbing through a muddy pit with barbed wire above your head
Quagmire: lots of mud, with small hills, ending with approximately a 30 ft. area of deep sinking type mud (which we all got stuck in, over and over, up to our knees)

It was insane. I've already pre-registered for next years Tough Mudder. 

In this next year, I plan to work on my upper body strength more so that I can complete other obstacles I struggled with.

To top it off, the camaraderie was fantastic. I've never been in a place with so many people that were so helpful, kind and wild.

Not only did I leave the event with a shirt and headband, I have the scratches and crazy bruises too. It was all worth it!

Here are some photos from my event. I'm in the hot pink.






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kalbert Sep 16th '14

Good Job :)

Read tea Aug 10th '15