Suicide and Depression

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I’m sure we’ve all heard the news by now… brilliant actor and all around good person, Robin Williams, passed away earlier this week, due to asphyxiation from hanging. A man that most would never see as having a problem, took his own life. No one will know why, or just what inner demons he was battling, or his day to day problems, but they were bad enough that he could take no more, and he committed suicide.

I’ve seen some blogs and posts and comments that we should condemn him, that he chose to die, that he caused this, it was his own fault…

To that, I ask… have you ever been depressed?

Not sad, like just had bad things happen to you … but depressed. In a dark hole, looking up at the world around you, wishing you could disappear, hating living, hardcore depressed?

I have. It’s not something that ‘going to church’ or getting out more will fix. You can’t just cheer up. You want to just not worry about anything anymore, you feel numb. You’re walking on eggshells, or you just don’t care. You don’t want to be around people. You don’t want anything but peace and silence.

Not everyone’s depression feels like this. Some people feel worse. Some people feel better.

So I ask, who is ANYONE to judge what Robin Williams did?

He did not ‘choose’ to end his life…his depression made that choice for him.

I’ve tried to do that myself. I was in a very dark, scary place, and I was just done. I took a hand full my mother’s strongest pain killers, filled a tub with warm water, cut my wrists, and lay down to drift off. My mother found me, she saved me. And I am forever grateful to it. It made my family aware of my depression and got me the help I so desperately needed, but others don’t get that help, they end up in a void, and they end up succeeding where I failed.

Depression is a terrible, heart-wrenching thing, for the family and for the person themselves. Please, PLEASE… instead of passing judgment, or acting like these people are making a choice… take a walk in their shoes. Imagine, for a minute, that your life is a dark void deprived of any hope or light… Imagine that you are in a place so frightening that you want to die or hurt someone or be alone… and help these people instead of acting like they are lesser beings…

And when it comes to Robin Williams…


RIP Robin Williams.

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Trey&Genesis'momma Aug 17th '14

Well said. I suffer from depression as well and a lot of times, I feel like I am completely alone. Nobody truly understands what people who suffer from depression deal with. They think it's just so easy to fix themselves when nothing could be farther from the truth. I wish Robin Williams wouldn't have needed to feel this was his only way out. He had such amazing talent. But sadly depression kills people every day.....and the rest of the world that doesn't understand it constantly condemns the people when all they needed was support, love and help.

shayshy Aug 22nd '14

People always say there are medications to help. for 4 years since i was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bi polar disorder all these Drs. shove meds at me that do nothing and all they keep saying is we haven't found the right combo yet. The side effects are horrible one med set caused severe weight gain that just caused worse depression and all of them either make you so tired you can hardly function others hit my manic and caused insomnia. Depression is a struggle like no one could understand unless they have dealt with it

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