Is it Autism? The Waiting Game...

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These last few weeks we have been having so many unexplainable problems with our now 20 month old son Blaze.Its put so much stress on us,but of course we had just decided it was the terrible twos..

 We took him to his check up this past week and we were informed we could be very wrong about it just being normal...Blaze doesn't speak,has violent mood swings where he's hurting his sister,our pets,or whoever happens to be around,and he makes no eye contact or social skills,and many more things that were all possible signs of autism much to our disbelief.9153681f133ac34175d5372a99f55be9.jpg
  He was scheduled for a hearing test,a speech evaluation,and a autism evaluation in the coming weeks.Well me being a mom I went on to a bunch of Autism websites,Facebook pages,etc. I had to figure out if there was more things that applied to my son that we had missed. To my surprise there was a lot of signs that applied to my son that I never thought about.Flapping arms,meltdowns that only one song can cure,sits quietly in his own world when in crowds. I was amazed at the very real possibility that my son had Autism.
  I explained my findings to my family and they of course were in denial that it was even a possibility his grandparents even went as far as to tell me that I was just not a good mom that I needed to spank him every time he did something bad,that he wasn't disciplined enough.First off I would not ever spank a child at his age,even my 3 year old has rarely ever had a pop on the butt...second off they never see everything I sit and watch my kids suffer through...My son has these violent tantrums and mood swings,and they happen at the drop of a hat,and whoever he happens to be near suffers the wrath if I don't get there fast enough which only gives me like 2 seconds, I will give you a example....Blaze will be sitting there sweetly and nicely petting our toy chihuahua,and literally in half a second a mood swing will hit and he will go from petting to taking the poor dog by the ear and throwing him across the room,we have had to not allow him to pet that dog anymore...One more example that has happened recently is him and his sister were nicely building with mega blocks and he suddenly throws them across the room and I jump up to get him right as he gets his sisters hair and pulls some out by the roots!!! I am sorry but that is not normal terrible 2 behaviour...
  I said my kids suffer because it is both of them my 3 year old daughter Brooklyn has to deal with the wrath of all of this and it breaks my heart....she rarely wants to be home and she stays with her grandma a lot on the weekends,and when she is home she stays in her room a lot of the time no matter how much I try to get her to stay out with us. I sat her down and asked her why she stayed in her room all the time and I will never forget the sad response I got...she said to me "Mommy I really love my brother,but he's so mean to me and I'm scared of him"my 3 year old scared of her little brother,I couldn't blame her but it made me very sad to hear,I want my kids to have a very close relationship and it's sadly not like that yet. I know she loves him if he's crying or something she's constantly asking me if bubba is ok,and if we go somewhere she always makes sure bubba is going too before she willingly will go. 2ccca5c47aef5ea2feb860650357983b.jpg
 The few people I have told of this possible autism diagnosis are surprised to hear that I honestly almost want that to be his diagnosis,because then we can get him the help he needs so he can meet his every potential. I know this makes Blaze sound like some horrible child but I promise that's not the case. He is honestly the sweetest little boy ever,he us very smart especially in problem solving,and he will give hugs and kisses,and his eyes and smile will light up a room,and I couldn't be more thankful for him! these violent tantrums take the light out of his eyes but as soon as its over they light right back up and he is his sweet self again. If Autism is his diagnosis we will do everything in our power,and whatever resources we can to help him through it...if it's not his diagnosis the tests and evaluations will continue,as the Dr. Said there is something not right and we will get the diagnosis.
 A curveball was thrown our way today when it was brought to our attention,that my 25 year old husband is also most likely on the Autism spectrum,that went un diagnosed as a child,he has EVERY symptom of Aspergers Syndrome which is a mild form of Autism,if the testing and evaluations come back showing my husband is on the spectrum,it will make all the struggles my husband had and still has even now make since. It's safe to say everything is a waiting game right now....

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