Why the gender stereotypes?

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Yesterday J and I took L to Toys R Us to spend his birthday money. He had picked out a semi truck and spotted a Minnie Mouse shopping cart. We were looking for another toy for him and saw that he LOVED the shopping cart. He was pushing it all around the store. While he was busy pushing it around with us we crossed paths with a family. They had a little girl. I heard the little girl ask her mom and dad why "A BOY" was playing with a pink cart. The girl then said "Boys can't play with girl toys!" Instead of her parents using this as a teaching moment they told her that she was right and that boys should play with boy toys. 

I don't care if my son wants to play with pink, blue, green, purple, or any color toys as long as he's happy. I believe that a girl can play with cars and trucks and boys can play with dolls and barbies. If my child is happy with the toys that is all that matters. The dad said that I shouldn't let him play with the pink cart and should find him some proper toys for a boy. I stopped in my tracks and told him that he can play with what ever he wants to as long as he is happy. NOTHING he plays with is going to do anything to him. He LOVES the cart and he will play with it if he wants to. Yes I got mad but I did keep my cool and didn't yell or cuss even though I wanted to. 

Why are there stereotypes in the world? If and when L or A want to play with dolls, by all means go for it! L ended up picking a Little Tikes blue shopping cart that has plastic fruit and vegetables with it but the whole time we were in the store he pushed that Minnie Mouse cart every where. He is only 2 but he knows what he likes! 

He played with the other toys in the store too. Even the baby dolls and brooms/vacuums! I am going to teach my sons that boys and girls can play with the same toys and not be embarrassed about it. I am a girl and I despise the color pink. I like blue, green, red and all the colors that society claim to be "boy" colors. I am a tom boy all the way and I embrace it to the fullest.

To all Moms and Dads out there please don't be ashamed to let your children play with any toy they like! I know that I won't be! I can only hope that one day the gender stereotype will be gone and kids can play with what they want with out the fear of being made fun of!ff7b6ab98e13ce8d841e219daf76a7ae.JPG

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MamiK May 10th '14

I 100% agree with you. I let me kids play with whatever toys they want. When I was a little girl I played with hotwheel cars and nothing bad happened to me lol. Now to get husband to understand is another story...

Luke dad to be wedge Jun 15th '14

True it makes no difference a toy is a toy